Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Partner Retreat

Ahhh...the feeling you get when you have just come full circle from taking time off from work and obligations to spend time with your partner or significant other. Valentines day has just come and gone and we reamain filled with euphoria from wine, chocolate, lazy days in bed, and laughter. My partner flew in to Seattle for about 5 days and it was one of the best personal retreats I have had. Today, back at work, sitting at my desk as the sun shone through my window and drowning in e-mails, I asked myself the question, "What made the past 5 days so good?"

Sometimes when our partner is away from us, whether that is through long distance relationships or through work, we tend to be self-consumed, focusing on our own lives and commitments and routines. When another person is there for us, when they become present in our lives again, there is a sense of gratitude that can be expressed and embraced. I love giving to my partner, especially when our time together is so precious.

A very big trend these days is personal retreats...escaping to the mountains by yourself to refresh and recharge. Hell ya! Who wouldn't want to sign up? Well, why don't you sit down with your partner and plan a partner retreat? Relationship is present in our daily lives-even when we are waiting in line to buy milk or dinner and the stranger starts up a conversation. We interact with so many people each day, through conversation, laughter, smiles, e-mail, cell phones, etc.

My partner and I took 5 days to refresh, recharge, and reconnect and all of that time was spent living in the present, soaking up emotion and conversation, laughing and living and just being. Sharing experiences with ones you love is especially powerful because there is a common denominator-the experience itself. Share an experience-walking around a lake, getting massages, watching an interesting documentary, or visiting a museum.

I look back on my partner retreat and think about not what it was supposed to be like or what it will be like in 3 months, but I look on it as what it was and how powerful sharing experiences with each other can be.

Like a backbend opening the heart and chest and letting the light pour out onto the world, we must open up to our partners and loved ones and open up to experience.

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