Saturday, March 8, 2008

Back to Basics

This week has proved to be one of my toughest week yet of the new year and in a way I am quite thankful for what the week has taught me. I am usually pretty good about taking care of myself and taking time for me, no matter what. My schedule at work filled up and by the end of Tuesday I was exhausted, praying for the weekend to get here and not eating or exercising or even properly breathing or coming to my yoga mat which became frsutrating immediately.

The week continued to advance in a frenetic panic. I would not even hit the pillow until 11 sometimes 12 or 1 in the morning, eating dinner which consisted of buttered pasta, white wine, and sugary ice cream for dessert, at around 10-10:30 at night!

No routine, no time for me, no proper nutrition, sleep, or exercise and I was not feeling too good. Come Friday, I was excited to sleep in, take care of my house, do laundry that had been neglected for a couple weeks, and get back to basics.

There is a model in corporate training and leadership that can be applied to anything in ife. Its called the stimulus-response model. We go through life constantly encountering all sorts of stimuli and it remains up to us how we appraoch it and react to it. We are creatures who in essence are reactors...we react to sounds, sights, people, emotions, and pain as well as pleasure. We make judgments that coincide with the stimuli and very rarely approach it as an observer looking in from the outside.

This new refined model is the stimulus-pause-response model. This allows a built in pause/breath/time out before we jump to reaction. By doing this, we become quite conscious of our actons and emotions. By pausing, we can formulate a plan and just be for a moment without worrying about how we are reacting and firing before we aim.

This week, my goal is to embrace the Pause, recognize the breath, and encompassing the idea that the observer changes the observed. Recognize our own triggers that create frenetic pace and step back before you actually formulate action and move forward with your formulated and well thought out plan.

Heres to the Pause! Cheers!

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