Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Sabbatical You Might Call it...

Wow. My last post was at the end of April and now, what can I say, it's August, actually a week until September. So much has happened, new transitions, new environments, new social interactions and just a bunch of learning lessons and life lessons in general. I first want to talk about a book I finished reading about two weeks ago: The Alchemist. All I can say is go get it at a library or find a dog-eared copy at the used bookstore and I can guarantee you a friend of yours probably owns it and its sitting on a book cube somewhere or under the seat of their car waiting for you. Yes, waiting for you. The basic premise is that we have a life purpose and we must do whatever it takes to fulfill that life purpose and in doing so, we will encounter obstacles along the way, whether it be money troubles, inner conflicts, jobs we don't like, or the big idea of doubt eating away at us. The story is enlightening and timeless and yes, go pick it up right NOW.

I have been in question with my life purpose and have started asking deeper questions: Why am I here? What should I really be doing right now? Why do I waste time being grumpy and thinking about the past and anticipating the future? I want to start a yoga studio, I want to work with young girls and women and create some life-changing transformational events for them, I want to live in the mountains and swim naked in Alpine Lakes, play in the snow, and ride my bike to the store and not have to lock my doors.

Since April, my partner has moved to Seattle, I have moved into a new apartment and neighborhood, traveled a bunch for work, spent time with extended family in Pennsylvania, had an amazing vacation here in Seattle with my cousin and her awesome friend who flew out from Pennsylvania, I have learned that burnout from work is not fun, I have treaded water in my flooding emotions and anger and learned that resting is a true art and it must be mastered in order for true survival.

I encourage that you embrace the seasonal transition and rest as you embark on your fall activities. Perhaps you are wrapping up an amazing summer and transitioning back to school as a teacher or you are an outdoor guide and the busy season has ended a new job is in store for you. Be excited about the changes. They exist all around us right now. Be present and appreciative of where you are right now.

"Love is when you can truly listen to your heart" -The Alchemist

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