Sunday, September 28, 2008

We Are Already That Which We Seek

I have been pondering a lot of big, typhoon-like thoughts lately. I just finished reading a book called Ordinary Women Extraordinary Women and it really put a lot into perspective and popped the balloon of possibilities for me. One of the biggest concepts in the book was that we construct our realities and egos on seeking the end-like there is some kind of finish line that we have to reach-this huge moment of enlightenment,understanding or whatever you might call it. Perhaps there is the other side of the coin that we are already there-at the destination-enlightened and awakened and able to really embrace all the present moments happening right before our eyes and all it takes is a mind shift-a shift in perspective-a shift in our living and loving-doing it with more purpose and more importantly that doing it, we must be it.

Septemeber has been a unique month-simply because of the experiencing of transition and segway into fall and putting summer behind us. The early mornings are darker, cooler, and I crave warm comfort foods, my pashmina scarf given to me by one of my closest women friends in Seattle, and cuddling with a good book in the evenings. Transition is a time for reflection and pause and I am starting to really play with this idea of purpose and pause and slowing down to really enjoy the intricacies we may miss in our daily lives so full of stimuli, noise, and demands.

I have been transitioning in many ways, mostly just looking at a balanced life where I can embrace ideas of wellness on all levels-physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I have started receiving Acupuncture and Chiropractic care-striving to be realigned and in balance from within. Wellness and balance are interesting concepts and I am starting to understand that taking care of and being knowlegeable about the intricate systems within ourselves can lead us to relaxation and present living in all moments of daily living.

I urge you to play with this introspection and reflection-looking at what areas in your life are transitioning-whether it is sleeping more, craving more chocolate, wanting to run through the leaves, or making a home cooked meal for your loved ones. Pause and sit with the stillness sometimes-its how we get to know ourselves best.