Sunday, November 2, 2008

Patience Is Indeed a Virtue

Okay-Yes, its been a month and a few days since my last post and the month of October was one of the most intense, extreme, demanding months I have had in awhile. Between the projects at work and life demands in general and periodical emotional rollercoasters with close family and friends and even myself, I have learned to embrace the concept of patience.

This theme came full circle as I doctored up my personal computer today. I am notorious for working consistently and almost addictively with my work laptop. Being consumed by that for most hours of the day, I come home and ignore my personal laptop. Today was the first day I have turned it on in a month or so. Updates after updates and defragmentation and file compression, and reboots, and more updates :) I have almost a brand new computer that is working and alove again. My commitment is to work on my writing especially my blog and really start spending some time recording my thoughts and obersvations that have been with me for the past year.

This time of year is especially important for me to be patient. I notice that as holiday stress appears and things may get busy, it takes effort and alive and awake consciousness to get through. The rain in Seattle is present, traffic is slower, the days are shorter, I don't get outside much so I must make a mindshift. Being patient, doing patient, and feeling patient is key.

I look at the computer situation as a lesson in life. We all need a tune up, we all need to sit with ourselves, improve in many areas, restart, update our processes and daily living strategies and then we can move forward with more efficiency and effectiveness. Now is the time as the seasons have shifted and life may be slowing down to run your updates and tune up. It is not necessarily about moving faster but smarter and more efficiently in the world and with your relationships.

I encourage you to update and restart. Why not now?

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