Sunday, December 28, 2008

What do you want for yourself?

Mexico was indeed amazing. It was beautiful...picture perfect paradise. The best part was by far spending time with my family and my partner. And yes, the dancing and the massage and swimming, and boogie boarding and seeing massive sea turtles and Mayan ruins...those were all incredible enjoyable as well. I had a magnificent time and now I am back in Seattle, cold, wet, raining, and still some snow on the ground. A bit depressing but I still have a week off. It will be nice to really chill and spend some time doing things I normally don't have time to do...organizing cupboards, running those errands that never get done, and getting ready to kickoff the new year but more importantly thinking about how I want to live in 2009. As I reflect, I see that the year has flown by and I have had so many amazing experiences and have had the chance to work and spend time with some amazing people. I also can look at myself and how I have showed up in the world.

Currently, I am enrolled in Landmark Education. This education is all about working on yourself in the realm of transofrmation and it is indeed amazing. Its about creating a life you love and living powerfully in the world and causing transformation in the lives of others. This work is truly amazing and transformational. Its also about creating possibilities for yourself and enrolling others in those possibilities. For instance, one of the possibilities I am creating for myself and my life is the possibility of being in control of my financial responsibilities and having freedom in that realm of my life. This work ties in so congruently with my yoga, it truly is complimentary. To be at truth with yourself and with the world creates this space of new opportunities. You can be the stand for yourself and others in your life. What possibility would you want to cause for yourself in this moment right now?

While on vacation, I had the chance to sit down with my family and talk to them about this education and they became truly inspired and moved by what I have been creating for myself. I posed the question, "If you could have anything for yourself right now, oustide of monetary and material possessions, what would you want for yourself?" Just listening to the responses made me shiver with excitement. For my dad, it was improving his health and well-being because he got to the point where he recognized the impact of not being the most healthy. My mom, overall well-being and balance in her life, and for my brother, to take care of himself more and acknowledge his own needs before always jumping to help others. For my partner, stability in a job that he loves.

Once we start sharing with others about what we want to create for ourselves, we become present to that possibility and truly start to transform how we live in the world and also in our relating to others. I have included the link below, so check it out and see what you think. Now is the time to transform.

Peace & Love in the New Year!

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