Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wrapping Up-Figuratively & Literally

Again, more than a month since touching my blog. Not fair to those of you interested in my blog or to myself for that matter. I love writing and it has always been a passion of mine-putting words onto a page, even if they are electronic is fulfilling and allows for a creative expression on multiple levels. I enjoy it and I will commit to posting at least once a week.

Well, 2008 is winding down and wrapping up. This is indeed a time for reflection-what happened this year? What changed your life? Who have you met or created a relationship with? Where did you travel and what did you experience? I encourage you while wrapping presents and gifts for loved ones, think of 2008-a year of ups and downs for our nation, our economy, and for many of us, ourselves.

Today in Seattle, I woke up to a winter wonderland-snow and ice and cold temperatures imposed on us, presenting commute challenges, work challenges, and just plain "toughness." There is magic in days like this where you may stay home plugging away at holiday tasks, drinking hot drinks and listening to Christmas Music on the radio. Again, forced into hibernation, we look inwards and reflect on what is really important to us. There is also magic in the busy and chaotic energy of the Holidays itself. Perhaps shopping or seeing the holiday lites infuse you with the energetic spirit.

Wherever you are right now in this very moment of reading this post, think about one thing that changed your life in 2008. Think about how you want to wrap it up, put it away, and treasure the memories it left for you. Enjoy the magical season and being peaceful and grateful in this time of energy and challenges will allow you to be fully present as you wrap up 2008.

Peace & Love,

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