Saturday, January 17, 2009

Connections Through Conversation

2009 is off to a great and somewhat busy start and I am in Maui right now enjoying the warm air, the star filled sky, and the peacefulness the island of Hawaii has to offer. Unfortunately, this is not another tropical vacation but instead a work trip but this time it is different. I get to travel with another colleague which is a change of pace from traveling alone. We walked the area today-we are staying at the Ritz Carlton, a little above my league in most, if not all areas and we went down to the beach where the surf crashed onto the shore minute after minute where I stood and felt the salty mist hit my sunkissed skin. I smiled. This is what life is and it is in these moments that I feel extremely small, like a "Blip" in the world.

I looked out over the horizon and saw so much expansion, space, natural wonder, and lots of unknown. Lately, I have been thinking about how I can impact the world when me, wee little me is so small in relation to everything. Then it came to me. Through my practice and teaching others yoga and in my goal to create "matterful" conversations with those around me, I can help grow the seeds of compassion and love in the world.

For instance, I have been doing free private yoga sessions with some friends and I am finding that in those moments of teaching, I am truly authentic in my being. I am in love and at peace with the world and with those around me. I am igniting a spark in my life and for once, a fire has been growing deeper and deeper inside of me because of this new path I am embarking on.

It is so inspiring to see the individuals that I teach progress, each in their own way whether it be revolved triangle pose or being able to expand their Udjyi Pranyama breath, or to see them truly let go in savasana. It is in these moments I feel truly alive and at peace and know that the world is on its way to becoming a better place.

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