Friday, January 2, 2009

Thirsty for More

Wow! 2009 has finally arrived. There is always something about the new year that is so a clean slate, a blank canvas, a chance to start the game over. It is very common when this time of year presents itself, we want to make resolutions, intentions, set goals for ourselves that we hope to accomplish. Why do we do this? Well many answers come immediately to mind, we strive for continuous self-improvement, to better ourselves, our lives, and those who we are close to and love immensely. For many, it may be the fact that our personal resolutions, goals, intentions give us a chance to work on ourselves which we sometimes neglect and put to the side in our daily lives.

Today, while listening to "The Conversation" on NPR, the topic of the conversation was New Years resolutions and how to really get to where you want to go. It was really interesting to hear what people had to say, both guests and callers. I think the most valid comment made that really hit home was not to be so hard on yourself during the year, post-January 1st. The analogy that was made was view your resolutions and goals like you were coaching a little league team and trying to get all the little kiddies to get their batting average above the norm by the end of the season. If you remain critical and cynical throughout the season and ignore the small accomplishments and are not compassionate during the tough times, you won't get any results.

Key learnings from this analogy: Be gentle...with yourself, be compassionate...with yourself, celebrate the small accomplishments, and set yourself up for success-be realistic, write it down, look at it every day and be proud of every step you take to get yourself to reaching your full potential.

Happy new year and enjoy what this prosperous time has to offer.

Peace and Happiness in 2009!

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