Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love: Practice Daily

So I am coming off the Valentine's Day high-spending quality time with those you love, getting in touch with that part of you that gets excited at the sight of a rose or the taste of chocolate. This Valentine's day was amazing-truly authentic in the respect of getting in touch with my senses which I am realizing I neglect in my day to day hurried life.

For example, I put together a Valentine's Evening picnic for my partner and myself. Just sharing in the process of fresh, delicious, flavorful food was so enjoyable and succulent. I got to sit and eat and be present and taste the robustness of each item placed into my mouth-shrimp, strawberries, bread & cheese, italian meats, and olives, artichokes, and peppers and wash everything down with wine.

In the afternoon, I took a friend to a yoga workshop themed around Valentine's Day. It was truly awesome. I accessed the deep part of my core, the authentic self, the belly which can bring up feelings of vulnerability. We did a breathing exercise where I tapped into a part of my emotional being that I have not accessed in a long time and instead of running from it and freaking out, I sat with it-I rested in the posture and savored that moment because I go through daily life without getting in touch with that part of myself.

We left that workshop and walked into the world with our hearts shining, roses in our hands given by the teacher and allowed ourselves to take our yoga into the world. I recognized in that moment that I could be okay with what is and what was. The work, the yoga, it is lies in our hearts-a powerful, complex yet simple organ that alllows us to be awake and present in the world.

Valentine's day has a meaning for me and yesterday I found it-never ignore loving yourself or others, not even for just one minute-I cannot afford to let it go unnoticed.

In my effort to be part of activism in the world, watch the video below and see what comes up for you.

I enjoy Chinese food and one of my favorite parts of Chinese food is the fortune cookie. There was one fortune I got that I have kept on my fridge forever. "Love is the glue that holds together everything in the world."

That is what I leave you with so go out and love someone.

With Love for all in the world,

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Alex said...

That video is awesome! Thanks for sharing.