Thursday, April 23, 2009

Transition Time

So Spring has Sprung all around! It was so nice to see the cherry blossoms bud, bloom, and then shrivel up near my apartment building about a week ago. There are tulips too, by the dumpster of course :) and my dog Ashley likes to take care of her business right on top of them.

Wow, what an amazing time of year spring is with all of its life and its roots and new flowers. It seems that people, animals, and the flora just come out of hiding eager and ready to start all over again. I know dusting off the winter cobwebs was nice and I found myself putting on my Chacos, sunglasses, and even my Prana capris. Its so nice to show the white leg skin to the world.

Since my last blog post, I have quit my full-time job, participated in an amazing course through Landmark, my relationship took on a new look and feel, and we have extended our apartment lease here in Seattle for another 6 months. All in all, Spring has proven busy.

It was amazing about a month ago, my best friend Shannon came and visited and we drove up to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park and did yoga poses in the snow, was amazed by the peaks in the distance, and reconnected on a level of friendship as well as connected with ourselves.

Since leaving my job, I have had more and more moments like those, reconnecting with being alive all over again and I wonder, "Wow, how much of my life I let go and die and hibernate in a sense."

With that said, spring has proven to be an uprooting season in the lives of myself and others and what I am left with is "What can I do to make this transition manageable and enjoyable, even among heartache, stress, and sadness?"

I found that the connection with breath has been the key to my coping. I can literally envision the tension that forms under stressful situations and playing both the participant and observer in those tense and stressful moments has been interesting and an amazing personal journey with lots of work and layers to be discovered. I think back to my last day of work while packing up my personal belongings in my office and I realized that this was a sad moment. It was hard and sad and the main reason why I was feeling those things is because it was different in my head.

It is always different in my head. Whether it is a visit with a loved one, a road trip, a meal at a restaurant or a music performance. Its not so much about not getting what you want in a moment, but it is about handling what is thrown at you and then figuring out where you align.

Recently, I feel like a tightrope performer, balancing very carefully, delicately, so as not to fall to one side or another but occasionally I slip and it is in the skills of coping with stress, the breath, the yoga, the resting, and the support systems that I regain my stance, powerful and empowered to continue on.

I hope this post finds you well and I hope the transitions you are encountering are able to be looked at as a delightful learning experience even amongst the stress and anxiety we are all seeming to face on a daily basis.

Peace & Love,