Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Love

Well, it is summer and it feels awesome. The sun rising in the early mornings, the bluebird skies, staying light out until 10:00pm, the smell of BBQ, and being able to be bare feet or wear sandals all the time. The summer has proven just as busy as spring and I keep wondering where the hours go as I transition into bed at night. I have energy like I have never had and I am juggling lots of awesome things including weekend escapes to the mountains, experiencing the feelings of being in a career/livelihood transition, practicing lots of yoga, taking on more personal development opportunities such as a financial class & Landmark Education's Self Expression & Leadership Program. Mix all of this with socializing, a relationship, a household, eating, running errands, and I find myself having lots of energy at the beginning of my days and then being drained at the end.

In my last post, I talked about walking the tightrope and I continue to wobble and smile and sometimes fall, and laugh at myself because I am the only one responsible for my situation which I have finally come to realize.

In our culture, there is a tendency to agree with the notion that the busiest people are the most successful, popular, and most well-off. Well, that notion for me has finally been destroyed. Ever since leaving my full time job and transitioning to a contractor status, I have experienced the joy that comes with not checking e-mail for three days straight, turning off the cell phone, and listening to more fun music, reading for pleasure, and eating better. I still find myself addicted a bit to the stress and frenetic energy that is imposed by working long hours, meeting a deadline, and working on challenging projects.

I have taken a liking to a mellow morning routine, integrating a walk with our dog, eating in silence without music or reading, doing some inspirational reading, maybe some yoga or breathing and really planning my day and creating what my Dharma" should be for the day.

Recently, I picked up my Meditations from the Mat book and read a passage talking about the Niyamas of yoga-one of them is purpose & livelihood. What I have really been conscious about is taking the idea of living your purpose on a more day to day, moment to moment basis. It does not mean you have to have your life purpose spelled out for you for the rest of your life, but instead, it is about living for the Now, what is my purpose right now?

Is it to deliver an outstanding experiential learning program for at risk youth? Is it to spend a great night with my partner making dinner and watching a movie? Is it to make my best friend laugh and smile when they may have had a down day? Is it to take time for myself and pull back from the strain of life's daily duties? What is my dharma in this moment?

Living this way has been fulfilling, nourishing, and rich. I have started to embrace joy and surrender in all of this too. When we take something for what it is and not try to strain, push, change, or rework it, we surrender to the now. What better time to do it than in the summer when that lazy, slow, succulent environment and energy is all around us? Take your live and joy and put it back into your summer.

Smile more. Love more. Hug more. Swim more, nap in the grass more. Drink lemonade and eat ice cream more often. Be your joy. Be your surrender. Illuminate your dharma and purpose on a moment to moment basis.

Happy summer. Don't forget to walk barefoot and stand under the moonlight too :)

Aliveness & Vitality all summer long,

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michelleponders said...

I appreciate the idea of purpose in this moment. Something to make me go "Hmmmm..." I used to think I could will my life along a certain path, whether it was really meant to be my path or not...I'm thinking now that most of those ideas for myself fell into the "not" category. Indeed, so much better to look around me and just follow where life leads, so often it's much less stressful that way. Here's to enjoying the moment!