Saturday, July 24, 2010

25 Reasons Why Summer Makes Me Happy

Well Summer has officially started in Seattle. We have been enjoying amazing weather: Cooler mornings with some fog and then ending the day @ 80 degrees. I work at a Summer Camp and I get to play pretty much 75% of everyday. With that, I have rediscovered my passion for summer.

Growing up in Maine, summers were pretty much the most amazing time ever. I remember going to the beach 4-5 days a week sometimes, even if it was just to cool off because of the heat. The seafood and strawberry-rhubarb pies always did a good job of filling up my tummy. Camping with my family and grilling after doing yard work all day made it so magical. Since leaving home, I have had to make summer my own in whatever time zone I was living in. Below are my top 25 reasons why summer is so awesome for me personally. I encourage you to get your own list together and post it on your fridge because in the summer, everybody should be smiling. :)

Jen's Top 25 Reasons Why Summer Rocks

1. The way the sun feels on skin that has been bundled up under fleece and wool and Goretex all winter.
2. Chacos & Chaco Tans.
3. Summer wardrobes are way more easy to put together.
4. Putting on your sunglasses @ 8am and not taking them off until you climb into bed.
5. Reading, yoga, running, (fill in the blank) OUTSIDE!
6. Walking barefoot on the grass and sand.
7. Otter Pops.
8. Water Balloons.
9. Farmers Markets and fresh food.
10. Summer reading programs at the local library.
11. Summer Camp.
12. The smell of BBQ, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, and Campfire.
13. Road Trips
14. Simply going to see a movie because of Air Conditioning
15. Funky Beach Towels & Beach Umbrellas.
16. Sitting outside on a deck to eat.
17. Cold drinks including Slurpees after work.
18. Outdoor Concerts & Festivals.
19. Sunsets.
20. Late Nights with friends & lovers.
21. Happy Hour.
22. Dancing.
23. Getting tan.
24. Stargazing.
25. Baseball games & Crackerjacks.

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