Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thankful for My Feet: A Lesson in Self-Care

Let me first start off with the fact that this summer has been absolutely amazing. I am working in a position that allows me to follow my passion, I get to be outside 8+ hours everyday, and I have my nights and weekends off. Also, if you know me, you observe the ego trip I get from having an AMAZING Chaco Tan. (See Below)So every morning I hop out of bed, do my "Get Ready" routine, strap on my Chacos, and out the door I go with my Stainless Steel Mug filled with Herbal Tea. At night, it's pretty much the same, only in reverse. Take off the Chacos, smile at the tan lines that are getting more defined by the day, shower, and have a cup of tea before bed.

Well last night, my tootsies were not doing so hot. After a long day of being in Chacos, I strapped on my sneakers and took the Friday night Zumba Class and did some strength training. I got home, threw the Tennis Shoes aside, showered and then I sat down, then I got hungry. So I got up to make some dinner and immediately sat back down. YIKES! A shooting/stabbing/ice pick sensation shot through my right foot and I pretty much collapsed. Hmmmm...what is this all about?

Well I did some thinking as I stuck some frozen veggies right on the top of my foot and enjoyed some much deserved Netflix. Now, I will be the first to admit that my feet are quite ugly. They are not precious little Cinderella feet by any means. They have character. The toenails aren't painted all the time, I have large callouses, I recovered from a flesh eating fungus that I had been battling for like 4 years, and I like to walk outside a lot in barefeet and sandals.

I thought about how my feet have served me so well since I took my first steps 25 years ago. They have been my ultimate vehicle, getting me to places on time, getting to the top of mountains, the valleys of deserts, climbing frozen waterfalls, scrambling up sandstone, being stuck in heels for proms, semi formals, and graduations, walking the streets of Puerto Rico, bouldering in Utah, sinking in the sand on beaches in Maine, tiptoeing through the door post curfew, and also, running for miles as an athlete. I have been hard on them and they in turn have been great to me.

So, with all that said about my feet, the ultimate learning lesson is that I am getting better at managing my self-care. I am learning that the downtime is just as important as "Life in Action." I am learning to think about how much time I spend on my feet and how much time I am spending off of them. This self-care thing is relatively new to me. I have been the typical Type-A, go go go woman for so long and it is nice to see what the other side has to offer. I am learning to treat myself in small ways that bring a smile to my face and a deep breath to my lungs. Incorporating the simple pleasures has been something I am exploring as the summer progresses. My hope is that this lesson will follow me for a very long time since I am now at the point of recognizing its importance.

It is important to follow your heart and take the necessary "footsteps" to get there but be sure to remember to soak your feet once in awhile and close your eyes and think about all the wonderful places those feet have taken you. They, like yourself, deserve a break too.


Alex said...

I recognize that last picture! Spring Break on Lake Powell right? That trip was fantastic! I loved the yoga that we got to do w/ you.


Anonymous said...

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