Sunday, September 26, 2010

Love List #1

I am really working on getting my creative juices flowing. Since getting into a semi-regular writing/posting routine, I have been poking around to read other blogs and network within the blogging community. There are lots of awesome women out there writing about similar things each with their own unique style. Most, if not all, of these blogs integrate a "Love List." 

A Love List is basically a shout out to things that you love in your life. Huh. We don't really take the time to think about that a lot. We just kind of motor and race through each day, multitasking, crossing things off the list, e-mailing at warp speed, and at the end of the day we crash and do it all over again, day after day after day. I am taking on the challenge of posting a Weekly Love List with some of my favorite things and I encourage you to do the same. Check Out one of my favorite women, Kris Carr, healing goddess, spiritual guru, and motivation mama to see her blog and her love lists.

Love List: Staying Grounded In Chaos
#1. My Vision Board: This vision board is posted right above my desk at home. It reminds me to stay authentic to who I am and what my philosophy on life is about, especially when I get caught up in stress or drama. It is a constant truth but has space for new things to come in. Checkout How to Make a Vision Board for ideas and inspiration from Christine Kane.

#2. Creativity Daily: I used a Barnes & Noble Gift Card for my birthday to purchase a sketch book. I had a package of Crayola Colored Pencils and so I just started drawing and sketching. The biggest thing for me is giving myself permission to go and create with no boundaries or judgments. I have been trying to carve out time a couple days during the week to be gentle and be in touch with my inner child. One of my favorite women out there who is a great resource for getting in touch with your creative spirits is SARK.

#3. Hot Tea: I would have to say that I am probably one of a few people who live in Seattle and don't drink coffee. I am a tea person. I have multiple boxes of tea, both bags and loose leaf in my kitchen because I love it. Usually, I'll have a to go mug in the morning sans caffeine and a cup before bed. Hot tea always brings me back to the present moment. Sipping it is very relaxing and grounding and familiar. I think I might just have a cup after this fave brands: Stash, Yogi Tea, and Traditional Medicinals.

#4. Netflix & iPods: Even though I can be described as a self-proclaiming hippie chick, I am all about technology that works. Now, please don't think I run out and get the next phone or gadget the day after release because I am way too broke to do that. So, I have two items that make my life just a little better and bring a smile to my face and that is Netflix & my iPod. First of all, I love the idea of not paying for late fees or gas to get movies. Also, I love the Watch Instantly and the rating feature. Kudos to you Netflix people and iPods, there really isn't anything else to say except they literally and figuratively rock my socks off.

Patagonia Women's Tranquila Capri Leggings
#5. Patagonia Yoga Pants: Simply put, they are my "Do Everything Pants." Sleep, walk, run, clean, errands, gym, cook, yoga pants. They are soft and organic. They make me sink into my couch just right after a crazy day. Also, they remind me to breathe and stretch.

#6. Doggies: So Ginger isn't technically my dog. Her owner is my fabulous man and he shares her with me quite generously. The thing about Dogs is they are so patient and peaceful. They are accepting and non judgmental and just plain ol' awesome. Ginger makes me laugh because she is quite human. She loves doing yoga with me and she also find solace in the duvet cover. She forces us to get outside daily and is that constant love we both need in the midst of chaos. 

All of these things are somewhat small, yet keep me grounded when things get crazy. I could go on and on but I want to leave you with some room to come up with your own list. Stay tuned for next weeks Love List...I will be taking you to all my fave Soulful Seattle Spots.

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