Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lessons from a Coastal Thanksgiving

A post-Happy Thanksgiving to all! I just got back into Seattle a few hours ago from 3 days of being down at the Oregon Coast. I had the privilege of spending a delightful 3 days with Charlie and his immediate & extended family. I ate so well (yes, the cleanse has been over since November 22nd, a blog post to come about that later), and got a ton of much needed R&R.

Well, all that was great and all but after picking up the dog and then getting a letter from the cell phone insurance people accusing me that I did not send my old busted blackberry back (which I did, like 25 days ago), I immediately flew off the handle for basically no reason except the anxiety of what reality brings after a vacation. I bolted out of Charlie's house, in a heated temper tantrum, slamming doors, and driving speedily up Greenwood avenue. Yikes!

I pulled into my apartment complex, my building completely dark because for some godforsaken reason, they can't fix the lighting. Arghhhhhhh! After making 4 trips back and forth, my car was empty. I dumped stuff, turned on the laptop to run some updates, changed into gym clothes, and headed to the Y. Ahhhh...sweating is exactly what the doctor ordered.  After my workout, I was centered in bliss again. I came home, started a fire, heated up some leftover vegetarian chili, and plopped down. Hmmm...what a crazy couple hours. I had to seriously take a look at myself in the mirror. What the hell just happened?

For starters, I was sad. I just left a beautiful home on the ocean, no obligations, no sense of time, no bills, no v-mails, nothing.

Secondly, I was ambushed when I came home and it was nobody's fault but my own. I get to choose how to be about everything, including travel and holiday stress. I get to choose my emotions and I get to be responsible for my boundaries and my self-care.

Being thankful for every opportunity came up a lot this week. I look back over the past year and grin ear to ear because I look around me at all that I have. I have a wonderful man in my life, a family who cares about me, a wonderful community in Seattle, a cozy apartment, good food, warmth, comfortable living amenities, and health. I am one of the luckiest women alive and I apologize to the Divine for the temper tantrum I had. I apologize to the man who just hosted me at a wonderful holiday celebration. I apologize to myself. Everything can be worked out with communication and I needed a refresher on that lesson. :)

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Rosaria said...

Maybe your blow up was a rebellious act from your digestive system being put under attack with so many changes. Don't forget 21 days establishes habits and your body was used to living clean and then....bam! Hit with some of the toxic 5. Have you given that any thought?