Sunday, January 30, 2011

powering through

Okay. Today I came face to face with my #1 goal for 2011: Have power and grace in the area of my personal finances. For the past 6.5 hours, I have been entering and organizing the past 3.5 months of receipts, bills, data, etc. into Quicken, filing into envelopes, and number crunching. I have to admit it was definitely not my most favorite way to spend my Saturday post coaching a great youth basketball game but it was raining and I did get a movie break on the couch with some Chicken Corn Chowder but then I was right back at it.

It feels good. It feels good to have a grip again finally and I am making the strong commitment to do something smart with my money every day. Money for me is symbolic object of the war between abundance and scarcity. It has always been a tough thing for me and I fully believe that this year, I will expand my ability to deal powerfully with money and all that surrounds it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

unpacking, routine, and Rosebud

My trip to Maine was absolutely divine. When people at work ask me how my vacation was, I enthusiastically respond, "Fabulous!" It was all it could be and more. Highlights included: snow falling on my face, snowshoeing in the woods with The Man, having a go again at cross country skiing, cozy nights by the fire, game night with the parents, a manicure/pedicure with mom at the local day spa, laughing until my stomach hurt, happy hour with neighbors, seafood, and walking on the beach in the dead of winter.

After landing back in Seattle safely on Sunday evening, Monday morning felt completely new for me. I awoke at around 7:30am, took the dog for a walk, came home, enjoyed a delicious healthy breakfast complete with a pint of green drink, got ready for work effortlessly and just enjoyed my day. This has been the theme for the week and I am really warming up nicely to the routine. The morning walks with the dog and The Man are enjoyable family time and it allows me to connect with the outside world before I head inside for a long day.

The funny thing about routine is we need to be aware of when we are too stuck in our ways to welcome anything else into our lives that would possibly make a difference. By inviting what feels good and what nourishes us from the inside out, we are enlivened and can go on to live our life powerfully and with purpose day in and day out.

So, we came home and the piles of boxes from the move stared at us with contempt. Slowly but surely we are working on really moving in. I think of it like those little finger games where you move little tiles to get them in numerical order but there is only one space open and it takes moves and removes and removes to get them in order. That is exactly what our house feels like. Last night, I came home early from work and unpacked 8 boxes which included my books. I cleaned off my desk, setup my laptop and workstation so I can write more and keep things in order again via e-mail, finances, etc. Its amazing how you only need to create one "landing pad" in order to feel grounded in the midst of chaos. I gave myself 2.5 hours of unpacking time, being careful not to drain myself physically and then we went to dinner for date night.

Rosebud. Rosebud Restaurant in Cap. Hill was amazing. A simple dinner, drinks, and a chocolate molten cake to die for. We left and were perfectly content. Came home, got in our sweats, and went to bed. Yum.

The whole lesson here for me is that I must not drown in all there is to do. There will always be work and tasks that need completed but finding mini-rewards in all of it and being grounded in a routine that fuels your own vitality is what makes the work worth doing. I still am surrounded by mountains of boxes and 3 years ago, it would have driven me nuts but now, I can smile and let it be.

Also, I am reading an amazing book right now: "The Art of Possibility" by Zander, and you should pick it up. It will move you to a new level.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

on winter vacations & shifting

I am here in Maine, visiting my folks in the very frigid month of January. When Charlie and I first arrived and stepped out of the Boston/Logan airport doors, I looked at him with dead set eyes, and said, "What the hell were we thinking to take vacation in January in Maine of all places?" He smiled, pulled me close and said, "Because you have not seen your family in over a year."

The Man and I went snowshoeing today and something internally shifted for me-I recognized what was important again. The inner peacefulness and the outer silence moved something so close to my soul that I can't really put my finger on it. I floated on top of the snow, down the trail, poles in hand, flakes hitting my face in just the right spots. Charlie walked in front of me floating as well with a relaxed confidence surrounding his shoulders and back.
Vacation are a funny thing, especially when your vacation revolves around visiting family across the country. There is some stress attached and the visiting can fly by as you are hitting all your favorite spots and seeing all your favorite peeps. This time though, it feels way different. This is a vacation I am relishing in. Sleeping in, eating bagels with lox for breakfast, getting a mani/pedi with my mom, wearing comfy clothes, taking each day at a time and letting go of all expectations.

When we surrender to what's so, we open ourselves up to infinite possibilities. We let in the peace, the joy, the bliss that is accessible all the time, but just ignored.

For the past month or so, I have been on complete "doing" mode: Pack boxes, move boxes, clean apartments, unpack boxes. Eat on the run, rush to the next appointment, obligations, commitments, dinners, meetings, blah, blah, blah. Now, on this vcation, about 3 days in, I have shifted into the space of "being." Huh. I am thinking more and more on why it has to be either/or mentality, the black/white, all/nothing thinking. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY AT ALL!

So here I am sitting here in my parents living room at the old PC, the snow is falling outside and I have plenty of options of what activities I want to do next. Maybe cup of hot cocoa, yoga magazine, and wool socks? Or cuddling and watching a movie, or helping mom with dinner?

Here is to shifting and being during vacations & winter.