Sunday, January 30, 2011

powering through

Okay. Today I came face to face with my #1 goal for 2011: Have power and grace in the area of my personal finances. For the past 6.5 hours, I have been entering and organizing the past 3.5 months of receipts, bills, data, etc. into Quicken, filing into envelopes, and number crunching. I have to admit it was definitely not my most favorite way to spend my Saturday post coaching a great youth basketball game but it was raining and I did get a movie break on the couch with some Chicken Corn Chowder but then I was right back at it.

It feels good. It feels good to have a grip again finally and I am making the strong commitment to do something smart with my money every day. Money for me is symbolic object of the war between abundance and scarcity. It has always been a tough thing for me and I fully believe that this year, I will expand my ability to deal powerfully with money and all that surrounds it.

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