Saturday, February 5, 2011

all we can do is keep breathing

I pulled out my laptop to the dining room table and am looking out our window to the grey skies of Seattle. I have the Grey's Anatomy Season 2 soundtrack in the CD player and its quiet and mellow. I downloaded all of our Maine Vacation photos and then got to thinking about how it is the first week of February and I feel like I have not done a damn thing in terms of the New Year. For me personally, I have always been a goal setter, a go getter, a list maker, and an "action" type worker. I feel I bring solutions to the table rather than problems, blah, blah, blah. It feels like 2011 is off to a messy start. The combination of the holidays, the move, going to Maine, and work being full of challenging projects has caused me to feel scattered, ungrounded, and just plain exhausted.

As I was thinking about this, a song came on and the lyrics were, "all we can do is keep breathing." Yep. This is the essence of everything. All I can do is keep breathing and like my neighbors in Maine say about the snow, "one shovel at a time." So true yet I get lost in the depths of all there is to do. I feel like I am a "pile mover" right now-just moving piles around the apartment, getting tired, and hitting the couch.

One of the blogs I follow, Artful Woman, talks about setting new intentions around the new moon. Energetically, we are the most inspired at that time in the moon cycle. So, without a plan this morning of exactly what I need to do/get done, I rebranded my entire blog. I changed the name to "Living Bliss" and it took on a whole new look. I hope you like it. It's all about starting fresh and new, changing things up a little.

Bliss Street is a street in Pine Point, Maine right on the beach. Growing up, my parents would park the car and drive us about 40 mins to the beach during the summer and we would park near here and walk about 100 yards to the beach. When I was home, I grabbed some photos of this place, not only because of the amazing summer memories I had down there but because it is a stable theme in my life, in the midst of all the chaos around me, I always come back to my favorite quote and life theme: "Follow your bliss."

Sometimes we may feel like it can't get any worse. Sometimes we feel like we are on top of the world. Sometimes our relationships are not as going as well as we hoped. Sometimes we are head over heels in love. Whatever is happening, we remember to breathe and that is all we can do.

I ended my week with a powerful TED talk that I think you should check out:

Have a fabulous weekend. Remember to breathe. Don't worry about not getting enough done or making big changes in 2011 yet. We still have a long way to go.

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