Monday, February 14, 2011

a love letter to myself

Happy Valentine's Day! As I am writing this post, the day is almost over. I am sitting comfortably on my couch under a cozy blanket. The dog is lying on the floor, totally relaxed after a mini-fright from the thunder, lightning, sleet, wind that Seattle is currently getting right now. The Man just got home and is in his cave. Aas I sit here and reflect on my "2011 Day of Love," I think about one thing: how in one year, I have fallen more deeply and utterly in love with…wait a second…MYSELF! In my continuous search for passionate living, simple and soulful self-love, and radical acceptance as a way to live powerfully and live a life I love, I have come to the realization that the true adage of loving yourself before you can love anyone else is abso-friggin-lutley truer than true.

So, with that powerful declaration, I am writing a love letter to myself this Valentine's Day and using the quote below, borrowed from one of my favorite blogs,

"Love is the capacity to take care, to protect, to nourish. If you are not capable of generating that kind of energy toward yourself - if you are not capable of taking care of yourself, of nourishing yourself, of protecting yourself - it is very difficult to take care of another person. In the Buddhist teaching, it's clear that to love oneself is the foundation of the love of other people. Love is a practice. Love is truly a practice." -Thich Nhat Hanh

Dearest Jen:
First and foremost, I think you are one of the greatest women on earth. You are whole, complete, and perfect. You are a strong woman with a big heart. You are compassionate yet you establish healthy boundaries. You put yourself and your health & well-being as a first priority and I am thankful for that. You are a "yes" woman, always trying to bring your work and your life to the next level. You are a talented educator and a loving girlfriend, daughter, sister, granddaughter, and friend. You are a creative being, in touch with your right and left brain. When you laugh, sometimes it sounds like a seal and its funny. You have curves and a belly and are confident in your own skin. You know how to breathe. You know how to run. Your church is the outdoors. Your solace is silence. You can bask in your own company and you are more than aware of when you need to restore lost energy. 

You do your best to drink 8 glasses of water, eat fruits and veggies, and stretch daily. Sleep to you is like pure gold-something never to be sacrificed. You are a mentor to youth, a role model to women & girls, and can get stressed juts like everybody else. You enjoy sweating daily, catching a good chick flick, eating stinky cheese and wine, and trips to the day spa. You are passionate about playing outside, can climb mountains, rocks, trees, and hills. You enjoy walks on the beach and collecting beach treasures that you place in a jar on your bookshelf. You still crave hugs from your mom and dad, and enjoy pints of beer with friends. A perfect evening consists of a hot cup of tea, your Burton hoodie and Patagonia yoga pants and Smartwool socks. You have kept a journal since you were 10 years old.

You are sometimes fearful of not having a plan and know that about yourself. You live for the moment, drinking chocolate milk in the grocery store and then telling the checker "Sorry-I was super thirsty," when you hand him the empty container so he can scan it. You are a reader-reading everything in sight, including books, maps, brochures, and street signs. Sometimes your comfort food is a burger, fries, and a milkshake. It is hard for you to ask for help but that only proves your amazing ability to be independent. You surf the internet and stumble upon blogs by beautiful/passionate/creative women. To Do lists scatter your desk filled with dreams, plans, and must do's including scheduling a massage. 

You are a wanderer, traveler, and explorer, always wanting to check out a new place, restaurant, or hike. You crave the day when you can teach yoga outside, grow your own vegetables, drink wine on the deck, and be barefoot all day. You drink green juice and experiment with kale yet your favorite food is pizza, all kinds. All in all, you are one of the coolest women I know and thank you for never losing yor true essence of being passionate about life, love, and all things related.

Blissfully yours,

Your Truest Self

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