Thursday, February 24, 2011

snowmageddon & pushing too hard

What a week. I can't believe I got home at 2:45pm today. The earliest departure from work in a very long time. My brain & body needed it...badly. Currently, the weather here in Seattle is wintry, blustery, and calls to hibernation. I am sitting here listening to Grace Potter & The Nocturnals station on Pandora (simply fell in love with them after hearing them on iTunes) and I am looking out my window and I see gray snow clouds, enveloping the city below. In the distance, I see a very small sliver of peachy golden light slowly disappearing. The tea kettle has been on since I came in the door, yummy Girl Scout Cookies are being nibbled on, and I am doing my best to turn off and unplug from a crazy, very busy, very exhausting week. 

I want to write for a little bit about my relationship with snow. Growing up in Maine and then going to college in Colorado, I knew that at least 4 months out of the year, my world would turn to white. The fluffy stuff would fall from the sky, I would wear boots, capilene under my pants, and puffy coats and multiple layers. I would wake up early and start my car, scrape my windows, and embark with no fear to wherever I was heading. Granted, the cities/towns I lived in were well equipped and for the most part, it was the way of life.

The past couple days in Seattle have been a little scary in terms of weather. The Puget Sound region experienced cold temps, snow, hail, sleet, and all that good wintry mix of stuff. It becomes a serious issue. No joke and it is fair to say that this seriousness is very well-deserved. People abandon their vehicles, travel 3 miles in the span of 2 hours, and the roads become war zones. I call this experience "snowmageddon." I am getting used to just going with it and "resting in the snow posture." I am recognizing how unfair it is if I operate with a huge chip on my shoulder about the snow. I am just going to sit back and observe and manage how I would normally manage and help others. Huge growth point this week. 
*although I still think its stunning to see the minor amounts of panic

Another enlightening experience for me this week is this idea of pushing. I know I have talked about this in my other posts, but I walk a very fine line with myself of pushing myself beyond physical, emotional, and intellectual limits. This week, it was in the context of my relationship. 
I was basically a mix of a T-Rex, mixed with a very angry elephant, and a sting ray with a mouth of an immature 26 year old who thought she was the shit.

My Learnings

My enlightened personal equation:
Energy output (Working) + Lack of self-care = crabby-bitchy-nasty-ness
Basically, the longer I wait to refill an empty tank, the more costly it becomes. Think of it like the never ending fraternity party kegger.

So what's next?
  • do yoga-even if its for 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 45, 60 minutes. i just need to friggin do it and not think about it.
  • drink more water, eat more veggies, especially during high energy outputs
  • ask for a hug and/or give a hug
  • change into comfy clothes
  • color, dance, play with legos
  • have a piece of chocolate and a big cup of hot tea
  • write, read, watch a good flick
  • replenish, replenish, and stock up on feel good things before the tank becomes empty.
my last little gift to you is a quote from Mary Anne Radmacher. I found this image on Christine Mason Miller's Blog who is a fabulous creative soul. check out her amazing blog and website. yummy stuff i tell you.

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