Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20 things I am loving right now

This morning, I woke up to a very quiet house. The Man left early this morning for work leaving the dog and I in dream land. Oh so nice....I am having one of those blissful mornings-waking up slowly, putting on my slippers and shawl and settling in to write. I am drinking the remnants of a very berry smoothie I made yesterday and looking out the window to fog and a lighter shade of gray in the sky. I am happy. After finishing this post, I will get changed and bring the dog for a walk in the woods.

things I am Loving right now:
1. date night to small little Seattle restaurants
2. reading really good spiritual stuff before bed
3. herbal tea in the morning and at night
4. kickboxing class
5. smoothies
6. sending cards to people I love
7. my new deck of Angel cards
8. cuddling with our dog Ginger
9. cleaning out my car
10. a slower pace
11. not multitasking while I am on the phone
12. salads for lunch
13. blank calendar space in my planner
14. laughing with The Man
15. watching movies in bed on my laptop
16. chocolate peanut butter ice cream
17. playing with watercolor & collage
18. going with the flow
19. learning from children
20. letting go of expectations

Simply making a quick list of 20 will serve as a gratitude point and remind you that the small things add up and make our days SPARKLE.

What are you loving right now?

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Melina said...

off the top of my head, let's see how far I get:

1. writing
2. editing photos
3. whiskey maple cupcakes from cupcake royale
4. the callouses on my hand
5. my new habit of giving strangers I make eye contact with REAL smiles
6. the handful of blogs I read at night before bed
7. my new almost knee length boots!
8. birthday month
9. yoga wednesdays
10. watermelon juice from trader Joe's
11. my readership on the wilder coast (my blog)
12. memories of my recent trip to whidbey island
13. beach bonfires
14. family style dinner with random friends
15. my sister's music
16. a boy I love kissing even if everything else is confusing
17. my friend's new blog which is called crushcakes and it's all about cupcakes and climbing!
18. folding freshly washed laundry
19. buying my first ice axe
20. skiing!