Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Full Worm Moon: A Dreamboarding Exercise

Jamie Ridler, an amazing artist has turned me on to "Full Moon Dreamboards." A lot of the current stuff I am reading right now in terms of spirituality and creativity talks a lot about the cycles of the moon and how our energy shifts depending on where the moon is at anytime during the month. At first, this was a little "too out there" for me, but as I looked at things more closely, it is exactly what I have been needing. 

This weekend marked the first day of spring. Yes, the grass is green, things are starting to warm up, the sun feels so good on parched, winter skin, and people are outside again, hitting baseballs, running, and lighting up their barbecues. This weekend was also a full moon and I decided to embark on a little exercise:

"When I first heard the phrase “Full Worm Moon,” I was less than enthusiastic, but as I discovered that this March moon is when the earth starts to soften and the burrowers of her soil find their way to the surface, I started to change my mind. What if we took our cue from spring and allowed ourselves to soften? What if we let what’s within us find its way to the surface? What tender dreams would be revealed? Under this Full Worm Moon, open your awareness. Pay attention to the the dreams that are wiggling their way to the surface. What wishes are asking for your attention? What is beginning to emerge? Let your dreamboard guide the way." -Jamie Ridler

So I got my collage supplies out tonight and started to create in silence. I just listened and became visually engaged in images and words and the final product hits so close to home. My emerging wishes for this full moon heading into spring:

-Lots, lots, lots of self-love, self-care, and self-nurturing through the things I love doing: writing, being outside, being upside down, and being creative. The "fresh lemon spirit" made me uber excited to invest in some yummy citrus shower gel.

-Being open, receptive, and accepting to all that happens. I really want to start a consistent meditation practice for 15 minutes a day and just being open to what I will find makes me feel even more at peace. 

-Living boldly in all areas of my life and taking on the possibility of being sexy & bold. Incorporating & matching my go-getting attitude with a soft feminine spirit (hence the high heel).

Spring reminds us all that we are growing, always in process, and arriving at new ground. I look forward to what will open up and bloom. 

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