Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the magical moment

right now the wind is so violent. outside, the howling is intense, big, scary. makes me not want to leave the comforts of our apartment. the man sleeps soundly, the dog is drinking out of her bowl. i just finished a bagel and tea and i am getting ready to go to work. late start today-gotta take advantage of morning bliss. yesterday i took a day off and it was magical. i started the say with some yummy restorative yoga. it was just me, my mat, my bolster, and a beautiful yoga cd the man got me for christmas.

i sat in seated wide legged forward bend, my yoga blocks stacked just enough to rest my forehead on them. wow. tension in the back of my neck-just observing. tension getting more intense-noticing. my hips are tight-understanding. my lower back is screaming-witnessing. then all of a sudden, something shifted. all the tension dissipated-magic. this was pure magic. i let out a deep moan and sat in this space of being tension-less. i sank deeper down into the asana, opening up. my back let go, space was created in my heart and my hips and neck.

this is why i do yoga. creating the space for opening-i got that concept yesterday rather than muscling through. this was what i needed-observing, being the witness, noticing all the feelings, the tension, the screaming of my muscles and body from neglect. breathe in breathe out. that is all there is and trusting that when you are ready to let go, something magical happens-you let go.

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