Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I Am Loving Right Now...

It's Thursday. The sun is struggling to appear. I popped out of bed eager to get my day started. Heading to morning coffee with The Man after an incredible date night last night down at a little neighborhood Mediterranean restaurant where he had lamb kabob and I, Gnocchi with a glass of Chianti. Realizing in that moment sitting across from him, how much I love him, all of him, even his tiny flaws like oversleeping the alarm, drinking juice out of the container, and his unbelievable collection of cords, cables, and electronic supplies stacked neatly in the basement and categorized. I am thankful for his ability to support me by listening and by being a mentor, by encouraging me to shoot for the stars with my dreams to write a book, become a yoga teacher, and more. With love comes being loving. 

20 Things I am Loving Right Now...
2. Journaling before bed religiously 
3. Quiet mornings by myself
4. Listening to Jamie Ridler's Podcasts while walking the dog
6. Glasses of wine with dinner
7. Fresh strawberries
8. Cooking on the weekends
9. Working on my blog
10. Creating full moon dreamboards
11. Browsing the library in silence
12. Taking the kids I work with outside and seeing them totally immersed in play
13. Sun, warmth, spring, and longer days
14. Weekend phone chats with my mom
15. Not multitasking
16. Being confident in creating boundaries
17. Moving slower
18. Passion...for everything
19. Letting my inner creative artist come to life
20. Being okay with what is

What are 20 things you are loving right now?

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