Monday, May 30, 2011

May In Review

I can't believe the month of May is wrapping up. Memorial Day weekend is here and I just realized how packed life has been. So here is what has been happening...

...catching up on being in love. The Man and I are in a really good place right now. Things are working, he is settling into his new job, our schedules are in sync. We are eating meals together and spending time in the yard. I always have heard that going to bed together can make a difference in a relationship and I am starting to believe this.

...birthday celebration. About a week ago, I celebrated my 27th birthday. It was AMAZING. The Man designed a raised garden bed for me and we are building it this weekend. It is complete with veggies, herbs, and flowers. Yep. The thing I have been talking about for years is happening! I also had a dinner cooked for me at Charlie's mums house-pork tenderloin, Italian green beans, and scalloped potatoes and then to top it all off, a Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream Cake (Red Velvet Cake with Cake Batter Ice Cream) I also had a breakfast date at a garden cafe and dinner at Ponti Seafood Grill on my actual birthday. This woman is not complaining!

...treating myself. I went and took some birthday money and invested in some new makeup. Yes, makeup. For those of you who know me personally, this is a big leap for me. The story behind it is that while I was at my cousins wedding, I had my makeup done and it felt amazing. The makeup the salon used was Bare Minerals and I fell in love with it because it was natural and did not feel like makeup. I looked great and felt amazingly confident. So I strolled into Sephora the other night, worked with a consultant and got myself setup to look pretty. :)

...happiness. I am currently reading Gretchen Rubin's "The Happiness Project," and I love it. It is so well written and gives some very clear, easy to understand tips and tricks to incorporate more happiness into your daily life. It's funny and full of good stuff. Gretchen Rubin can be found here at

...connection. One of my favorite things about spring and summer is how people come out of their dwellings and spend more time walking, chatting, laughing, and gathering. Farmer's Markets are in full swing, dogs are happy as they stroll around the lake, and neighbors are out and mingling with each other. I love this. I even have met two new neighbors in the past couple days. Relationships are integral to our health and our happiness, yet we don't make them a priority.

...traveling. I am headed to Colorado this week to see my best friend get married. Even though it is somewhat of a big trip, I have been taking smaller trips like to a nursery to purchase plants that is up north, about 30 minutes from our house. It is so good to just get away sometimes.

...getting physical. I have been in physical therapy for my left knee for about 3 weeks now. I have also been doing hot yoga through a Living Social coupon and taking cycling classes at work during my lunch break. Being physical is part of my self-care plan. My body and brain starts to go crazy if I don't move for a couple days.

...listening to what feels good. I have been way more conscious about not forcing myself to do things if I don't feel like it. For instance, working on the blog, cleaning the bathroom, or filing papers. I have been using the 15 minute rule-try doing something for 15 minutes, then stopping if I don't want to continue but giving myself permission to continue if it feels nourishing.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday: What Dreams Are You Wishing For?

After putting together my full-moon dream board for May and then having this Wishcasting prompt from Jamie Ridler Studios, things in life are beginning to take form and becoming concrete. I feel as though I am in full bloom with my work, my relationship, my spirituality, my yoga, my writing, and my life.

So when thinking about What dreams I am wishing for, I think about...
-Lots and lots of white, blank calendar space
-My best friend getting married in Colorado in a couple weeks (ticket is booked..woo hoo!)
-Having a day to do absolutely nothing but read, bask in sunshine, plant my herb garden, and eat delicious food.
-Having limitless love in my relationship, where I am working side by side to make our dreams come true.
-Summer, which means working outside, getting a killer Chaco tan, and watching kids grow. 
-Setting aside time to write and create and get in touch with that inner creative waiting to come into being.

I wish to be in full bloom all the time, open and receptive to growth, 
excited about the beauty I bring to the world.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Full Moon Dreamboard: Full Flower Moon

I have skipped a couple full moon dream boards over at Jamie Ridler Studios but I felt compelled to create a May dream board because it's my birthday month. A few colleagues of mine hosted an "Art Night" and my dream board came to fruition within a matter of minutes. I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Lots of spirituality. Lots of bold love. Lots of peace and self-love, especially through my yoga practice. Lots of listening to the spiritual lessons life has to offer. Lots of openness. Lots of practice-both on & off the mat. What better month to bloom than May, the month when I came into the world 27 years ago? :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday: What Do You Wish To Take A Stand For?

It's Wednesday! Not only does that mean I get to go into work at noon, but it's Wishcasting Wednesday @ Jamie Ridler Studios. Today, Jamie asks: What do you wish to take a stand for?

Most recently, I started taking hot yoga again. Please don't ask me why I enjoy being in a 110 degree space, sweating like a pig, for up to 90 minutes. One thing that I do know is that it is stirring some stuff up in terms of my emotions, beliefs, and just plain junk. I have been on emotional edge the past couple days and venting about a lot of stuff that has been cooped up within. Feelings range from sadness, to anger, to anxiety, to plain ol' pissed off-ness. With that said, I wish to take a stand for my happiness and my self-care. 

I had a great phone conversation with my friend in Colorado last night after one of my emotional meltdowns which left my partner and I sitting at our computers on opposite sides of the house. She made a really great point: "When I notice myself getting really bitchy and naggy, I force myself to stop for a moment and think about how I have been taking care of myself. I have to remember I can't get all my emotional needs met from my fiancée." 

Huh. She was totally onto something. What she was saying hit the nail on th head for me. I am so grateful for a wonderful partner, but sometimes I do expect him to fill my every emotional need. Obviously, that is impossible. I need to take a stand for keeping my emotions in check and nurturing my emotional self, whether that be more journaling, writing, drawing, nature walks, meditation, or yoga. This is where my work is. Now, I just have to start. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

magical mom

It's Mother's Day weekend and I am finally getting back in the groove of life again. Last weekend, I attended my cousin's wedding in Erie, PA and it was absolutely beautiful. I got to see my extended family, spend time with my cousin's, my cousin's children, aunts, uncles, and family friends. I recognized last weekend how important family is. It remains a huge value of mine. I cherish the moments I can spend with them. I mailed out my Mother's Day Cards last week after I got back, and as I was writing them out, I was overwhelmed with this energy. Call it gratefulness, bliss, joy, whatever, but it was powerful. Throughout this past week, I started to reflect on mom's, motherhood, love, and joy. I wanted to write a piece that reflected the infinite love I have for my mother. Of course, no blog post could justify the love I have, but the memories and moments I continue to share with her are sometimes the only thing that keeps me afloat living 3,000 miles away. 

A Love Letter to Mom:
My mom is my best friend. She is my mentor, my guidance counselor, guardian angel, teacher, knower of all. When my mom hugs me, I get lost in her comfort. I remember her cooking homemade spaghetti sauce on Sunday mornings when I lived at home and the garlic infused olive oil would waft upstairs, waking me up. I remember her driving my brother and I to all of our sports practices, even in horrible weather. She and my dad were at every basketball/football/baseball game. She would always know the right thing to say, even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear. She guided me through heartbreak, success, disappointment, and day to day trials and tribulations. I remember taking yoga with her and glancing at her during savasana and seeing what a peaceful, strong woman she was. I love going home and seeing her buzz about the kitchen, completely immersed in her zone, her flow. I love drinking coffee with her on our porch and sipping wine late into the evenings, talking about being a woman. She encouraged me to follow my bliss, even if that meant moving to Colorado and then to Seattle. I enjoy our weekend chats via phone or Skype. I love calling her to ask about cooking questions or baking techniques or to get that recipe. I love that she yells sometimes and gets caught up in craziness. I love her ability to provide hospitality to everyone who walks through her front door. 
I love how she loves my dad, my brother, and I.
She is the strongest woman I know. 

Mothers are the base, the foundation, the "rock" of our world. Everybody has a mother. Mother's are beautiful people. They are strong. They know when to be tough and when to be loving. They protect, nourish, and support yet they can fight to the death to protect their own. 

Take a moment and send love to your mother. She deserves it. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday: What Do You Wish To Know?

I have recently returned from my cousin's wedding in Erie, PA, where I got to witness pure love in its truest form. I smiled so much that my face muscles were hurting. Not only was it nice to get away and see family, but it was also nice to get away and gain perspective on the shifts that are happening in my own life. I will be the first to say that I don't know all the answers I have about where I am headed or what I am supposed to be doing. What better way to explore these types of questions than to write.

This question sends me into a state of perplexity. It also got me thinking about how my personality has evolved, especially in the past year or so. I used to be the type of person who needed to know everything, have a plan, reduce chaos and the unknown as much as possible. Now, I can sit in the unknown and be okay. The chaos can excite me. I do still enjoy a plan but I have come to be more flexible.  

So in thinking about what I wish to know, I came up with a few things...

I want to know how to move through life at a slower pace, enjoying the simple pleasures.
I want to know how to cook amazing food and bake delicious cookies.
I want to know how to be a writer.
I want to know how to love better.
I want to know how to have it all in the areas of work, life, love, family, and money.
I want to know how to be compassionate and kind even in the most stressful conditions.

I don't need to know everything. I only need to know myself well enough to be living life in a powerful way.