Sunday, July 17, 2011


In my yoga classes, I have really been enjoying "Gate Pose." This pose is a combination of contraction and extension and expansion. I have been thinking about what about this pose is so great at the moment. When I think about the literal idea of a gate, opening and closing and allowing certain things through and keeping other things out, I think about what a transparent metaphor a gate is for life. 

We are constantly opening ourselves up to new experiences and sometimes shutting things out at the same time that may benefit us in the long run. Our gates become stuck and need repair and replacement. We are sometimes forceful, bringing in relationships or situations that may not be emotionally, physically, or mentally healthy.

There is magic in opening up. I remember when I was in college struggling with some of my own emotional gates and my first couple vinyasa yoga classes broke open my gates. Out of this breakage, out flooded feelings of intense vulnerability, joy, abundance, transformation, and release. Just as we crave to open ourselves up to the world and to those we love, we have to be aware and grounded to know what we need to keep out. This goes all back to creating healthy boundaries. Unplugging and disconnecting through a spiritual practice, avoiding overindulgence, observing non-violence and non-attachment in our daily lives. 

I encourage you to practice opening and closing this week. Noticing what comes out of practicing "Gate Pose" or any other activity that brings you closer to your real essence. 


Rosaria said...

I love this post! This week I am opening to the possibilities of what my teaching can become. Letting in new and innovative practices and closing out the old.

Cheryl @ Mandala Oasis said...

Dear Jen,
I've come to your blog via Jamie Ridler Studios and the video you created that touched my heart deeply. Thank you. Hearing you opened up my mind & heart & made me realize I've been giving in to the stories in my head (& the endless daily to-dos)way to often...which has kept me from diving in and taking a bigger bite out of This Creative Life! I too work full time. Listenig to you on your heartwarming video helped me see that what my heart wants is to really jump in and play again.

Your blog is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the beauty of you here.. Even tho I have to be very careful w/yoga - so not to overdo it - the Gateway pose is/was one of my favs. I didn't know what it was called. Your insight & wisdom & story about how your gates broke wide open are speaking to me! I have a LOT found images of gateways, stairways, portals that I'm always drawn to for collage. Your post has cracked the door open a bit wider for me.

I look forward to visiting your blog again. (I too blogged for about 3-4 years & I've been on a break for a while). Take care Jen... & shine on! :) xxoo...