Saturday, July 30, 2011

summer love (part 2) & august break

 Summer is that season of big toothy grins, lemonade, sandals, and smells of bbq grills traveling through the air. 
At the end of August, I will have attended 3 weddings and 1 funeral. Most recently, I have been experiencing the flood of emotions that love brings. In my yoga practice, I have been engaging in lots of heart opening postures: upward dog, camel, upward bow pose, and wheel. One day last week, as my hands grasped my sweaty heels as I moved into camel pose, I felt my chest crack open. It was scary yet serene.  I thought to myself, "This is exactly what I need, each and every day."

It hit 80 degrees here in Seattle Saturday. Not only was it overwhelmingly hot, but it was overwhelmingly awesome. I attended a bridal shower on Saturday morning for The Man's sister which was wonderfully elegant, came home, ran errands, and then took Ginger on a long hike down through the forest trails of Carkeek Park to a lookout where we sat and enjoyed the peaceful serenity of the Puget Sound as the sun shone down on the Olympic Mountains. I was engaging in some much needed quiet time and solitary self-reflection. 

This summer, even though it has been flying by, has proven to be a summer of personal growth. My yoga practice has taken on a new life of its own and I crave it daily and am starting to treat that yoga time as completely sacred and untouchable. I am enjoying being in a relationship with a man I absolutely adore. I am loving working outside on a daily basis. I am loving my garden and dabbling in domestic ventures. I feel at home.

When we reach that state of complete and absolute love and contentment in life, it feels like nothing can shatter it. I know that I personally feel invincible when it comes to enjoying the small things, including reading on the grass, walking the dog down at the beach, and eating fresh, juicy peaches. It is in these moments that life happens. So what's next for the rest of the summer?

I am taking a "facebook fast" for the month of August. I am interested to see how my break from social media will impact my soul. This includes taking a month off from the blog and really being with my friends and family, enjoying all the yummy moments.

My parents are coming to visit at the end of this week so I will be enjoying some time off...

I am going to start Crossfit this month and continue practicing my daily yoga that my hips and back are enjoying so much...

My hope is that you are enjoying all the wonderful, juicy moments that the summer brings. It goes by way too fast. Enjoy the month of August and I will be back in September!

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