Tuesday, July 12, 2011

summer notes & wishes

Summer is absolutely awesome. Perhaps it is all the fond memories we have of being out of school for almost 3 months, playing outside from dawn until dusk with only bathroom breaks and a quick ten minute lunch, or the taste of cool Popsicles on a sweltering day. I think as we get older, our summers evolve as we take on summer part-time jobs, college classes, move into a place of our own, plant gardens, have full time jobs that require us to be on our game, raise families, attend weddings and family events, and the list goes on and on.

I have the most awesome setup with work: 9 months of my year, I work inside/outside and then when the 3rd week of June hits, I am outside 40+ hours a week with kids, running relay races, going on hikes, doing art projects, and seeing smiles plastered across faces. Indeed, I do feel like it's a summer vacation. :)

In my yoga class tonight, I was thinking about how summer is a magical time. It stays out later, I eat more veggies, I have a consistent schedule, I see people more, I get to wear shorts, t-shirts, and Chacos 7 days a week, and take the occasional day off here and there. I grill, tend my garden, smile more, enjoy cold beverages, I feel more relaxed, I sleep better. And then on my way home, I started thinking about what I want to do for the rest of the summer and the following wish list was populated:

Summer 2011 Wish List!
-Get our newly used Weber grill in action (waiting on parts)
-Entertain more. Can you say outside happy hours?
-Eat from my garden. It's in process, just waiting patiently.
-Enjoy my parents trip out to the PNW.
-Take my stand up paddleboard lesson with the groupon I purchased for my brithday.
-Start training for a Triathlon. September 18th = compete..fingers crossed that my old lady knees hold up.
-Take some hikes. Go camping. Roast marshmallows. Enough said.
-Write more. Read more. Nap more. On the weekends mostly.
-Spend a few days at the beach.
-Enjoy dining al fresco. Margaritas and chips and salsa = my faves.
-Bask in the sun as much as possible before rainy season comes back.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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Rosaria said...

Ahhhhh...Summer. The reason I teach. Not really, but it sure adds to the love of the profession. So many fond memories of raising my wonderful children. I remember catching fireflies, kickin' back at the beach, taking camping trips, finding swimming holes and on and on. A time to rejuvenate, a time to heal, a time to prepare yourself for the next cycle. I Love Summer!