Sunday, September 11, 2011

on celebration

finding pockets of time to write has been difficult. to be perfectly honest, the weather has been too damn nice to be inside behind the computer. along with the sun and bluebird skies, i have been consumed by amazing, perfectly created celebrations. the summer included 3 weddings, a funeral (a.k.a "a celebration of a wonderful man's life,"), Charlie's 40th birthday, and the celebration of a successful summer working with tiny humans at summer camp.

tonight, after returning from a fabulous all day adventure with the man, i started thinking about celebration. mainly why it feels so good to celebrate, how the intricacies of celebration weave together and bring people from all over to a magical moment to witness and be part of another's bliss, and also, why we need more celebration on this planet.

today, i jumped on facebook for a very brief minute and saw that people were commenting on where they were on september 11, 2001. for some, it was in a yoga studio or church, deep in prayer, sending light & compassion out to the world. for others, it was in a classroom or at a sporting event. for me, i was sitting front and center in spanish class in auburn, maine when my principal got on the intercom and told us very calmly what was happening. i remember feeling sadness. a deep sadness because i knew that the world would never be the same again. from that point on, i grew to be part of a society that continuously instilled a silent fear into the general masses. words like terrorist alerts, patriotic duty, homeland security, and war on terror have become so prevalent that i have come to be completely numb.

now, 10 years after one of the most devastating events in our nation's history, i feel that in spite of the horrific nature of terrorism, hate, and war, we must make the concerted effort to celebrate more.

this summer taught me how important it is to celebrate...
...2 people coming together in union and starting a life together
...people's lives, even after they leave the planet parents and my family, especially when they travel many, many miles to visit partner and his accomplishments, at work, in school, and at home gardening adventures and all the yummy veggies and herbs
...just because

celebration is that moment we sometimes forget. we put our hearts and souls into planning something, then give all of our elbow grease to the effort, and then after final completion, we have this funny tendency to just move right onto the next thing. celebration is the important step. it helps seal the deal. it allows us to enjoy the fruits of our labor and bask in greatness. why do we skip this essential step? perhaps it's because there is so much to do, more items on the never ending list, so many people to include, or we feel that the celebration has to be extravagant.

i love books. i love to read. i love finishing books that i start. just yesterday, i completed a 400 page read that was pretty intense. it was all about women's sexuality across all ends of the spectrum. it consisted of lots of personal interviews with women of all demographics and it had a certain depth to it. every night for the past 3 weeks, i would plug away, trying to get at least 10 pages in before bed. and on the weekends, i would sit for a couple hours mowing through. when i finished the last page on the couch yesterday, i jumped up from where i was sitting and pumped my fist in the air and yelled, "i finished! i finished the damn book!" it was my personal celebration for mowing through a great yet intense read. no champagne required, just a little mini-celebration.

whether we bust out the cake, balloons, and champagne or simply give a kiss and say, "today was super great," we must take the moments to enjoy what this crazy, wacky life has to offer.

here is to celebration in many of the moments that comprise our days.

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