Monday, September 26, 2011

pearl jam, kitchen notes, and mental toughness

It's raining. It's not drizzling or misting or grey. It's for real raining. That's what happens when you live here, right? You have been enjoying a fairly sunny weekend, you have tons of energy, and then WHAM! Overnight, your sunshine fantasy land crumbles or rather melts to the ground because the heavens have opened and are going through a cathartic awakening, shedding lots and lots of tears. And it does not seem to stop. And in a weird way, I am welcoming the rain. Ask me in three months if I am still welcoming it and showing my gratitude, and I will probably laugh in your face.

Since my last post, my laptop hard drive collapsed. By collapsed, I mean the damn thing doesn't even turn on without the system32 error causing mayhem. So until further notice or a financially viable solution is reached with what I am going to do with my laptop, I'm sharing with the man. As the saying goes, "Sharing is caring." I will be doing my best to write more on the blog, but I find myself engaged in other endeavors. For instance:

*I fell in love with Pearl Jam. Charlie and I went and saw the PJ20 Documentary on Friday night down at Cinerama, which by the way, if you have not seen a movie there, go now. Leave whatever your doing and go down there. What was so interesting is that I "knew" Pearl Jam but the group had its high points while I was in my late childhood. Charlie on the other hand, experienced the true love of the band. Our generation gap became apparent while I was sitting in the theater and loads and loads of 35-40 year old fans filled the theater around me. I came home and while I was puttering around the house on Saturday before a S'More and Hot Drink Party, I dug out all the Pearl Jam CD's and rocked out. What was so cool is since seeing the documentary, there was a personal connection and knowledge that connected me with the music. This is not about music-this is about artistic appreciation. All in all, I fell in love with a wonderful band over the weekend.

*I am becoming a Kitchen powerhouse. A lot of experimenting in my kitchen has been happening. I have all of these amazing ingredients and am loving trying new things. For example, my boss has an Italian Plum tree in his yard and he gave me a bag of about 40 of these plums. Since we have access to this amazing thing called the internet, I searched and got a recipe for Italian plum coffee cake. Delicious. Local. Perfect for fall. Sundays are my new kitchen days. Cooking delicious foods for the week prevents the "WTF will I have for (fill in the meal of the day here). 

Sunday Menu "Fall Induction" (Click for recipes)
-Cheddar Chive Buttermilk Biscuits (Using chives from the garden)
-White Lightning Chicken Chile (Using jalapenos from the garden)
-Italian Plum Crumble Coffee Cake (Using plums from a fruit tree)

*I started Crossfit. Yep. That crazy, hardcore, extremely challenging workout. I LOVE IT. Not only does my body feel absolutely great, but I am sleeping so well, not craving sugary and fatty foods, and loving life. That powerhouse feeling stays with me each and everyday and I started my first "real" week this week outside of my on-ramp class. Try it. Do it. Love it. 

The last thing that has been on my mind is developing mental toughness. I know that I am addicted to comfort. I like being comfortable. I like having things go my way. I am pretty certain that many people can relate. When we transition from season to season, there are microchanges that our bodies and brains go through, especially when leaving summer and entering fall. Our bodies want to hibernate, we may feel a little more depressed and under the weather, it becomes harder to get up and get going. Here are some simple tips to develop your mental toughness during transition time:

1. Start exercising. Sounds simple, yet daunting. Do it in the morning.
2. Get outside, even if its pouring. Put on that cute little Gore-Tex jacket and get in some air.
3. Find quiet time. Even if its turning off the radio while your commuting. 10 mins a day does wonders.
4. Drink loads of water. It will make you feel alert and limit your sugar cravings you get around 2-3pm
5. Make love, not war. Spend time with your partner. Have a confirmed date night once a week.
6. Don't overschedule yourself. Enjoy blank space in that calendar of yours. Say no more.
7. Enjoy some sleeping in time. Our bodies need it in this damp weather. Shoot for at least 7 hours a night.
8. Eat your veggies. Enough said.
9. Tune into the universe. Yoga, meditation, church, praying, whatever. Just tune into something bigger.
10. Connect. Spend time with close friends, make that phone call, write that letter.

Alrighty then. Develop your mental toughness in this time of transition. Seems to be the theme all over the place. Enjoy the start to your week. 

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Rosaria said...

A great post. It covers so many things to think about. I wonder if I can handle 'cross fit'? hmmmmm