Saturday, November 19, 2011

dance party

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I have always loved to dance. I am a sucker for trendy pop music that I can just move and groove to, even if the lyrics are ridiculous. There is a feeling you get when you just let go and move freely. When I was little, I took ballet. My mom and dad still have pictures of me in lycra and sequins at our house in Maine. I grew out of  ballet for a variety of reasons. First of all, we moved to Maine. Then I took up sports like swimming, soccer, and basketball. And the rest is history. I remember going to my first dance in seventh grade and just being ecstatic with the loud music, lights, and open space to move. I was a little dancing joy bug. Just recently, I substituted for a ballet class at the Y and it brought back memories of being in that structured setting of grace, ease, and hard work. Granted, the goal was to move and have fun and learn fundamentals but I though to myself how cool it is for young women to still have confidence in their bodies. It is super powerful. To this day, I love to dance anytime and anywhere. Pack me in a club of hundreds of sweaty people and turn on some music and I am in heaven. 

So, I thought it would be cool to put some of my favorite dance music into a post for when the cold, dreary days are just wearin' on ya. This mix ranges from Thriller to Saturday Night Fever to Kesha (which I think is hilarious), Madonna, the infamous scene from Napoleon Dynamite and more. Get up now and move. Who cares what you look like. The goal is to be a dancing joy bug. And in the words of my Crossfit coaches, 
"3, 2, 1..GO!"

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