Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately about 2011. The year has flown by. And in this month of expressing my gratitude, I am so thankful for what the year has brought me. Time with family, lots of nights with good friends, continuing to grow in my relationship with my amazing partner and best friend, a new volunteer position at the women's center, lots of yoga & meditation, travels and journeys, celebrations, growth in my own job & career, and improved relationships with my extended family. Some of these things were incorporated in goals this year like volunteering, doing more yoga, seeing my family more. One of my big goals this year was to have 100 posts on my blog. Currently, I am at 60 and with this post, 61. That means I have 39 posts left to reach my goal. 39 posts in 44 days. Yikes. 

I think back to why I made this goal in the first place as the beginning is always a good place to start. For one thing, I know that I enjoy writing. It is my "creative thing," the thing that I just enjoy doing. It's my own little way to make my mark. I could care less if anyone read anything I wrote. For me, it's personal. It's my craft. It's my outlet. It's the way I chill out and get my head space all clear and shit. Back in the day, I used to write in my journal by flashlight under the covers. I loved to take a pen to an empty page. I guess you could say I would have "writegasms," where I would just write and write until wee hours of the morning. Now, life is a little different. I don't smuggle a journal and flashlight into bed and I enjoy sitting down in my little nook my the aquarium and pumping out words, whether it's in my journal, my free write notebook, or on my blog. I knew if I set a goal, I could get there. But then there is that thing called life that sometimes gets in the way of doing those things we absolutely friggin' love. 

Throughout my life and interest in self-development and personal growth, I have always heard the experts say that when you are creating goals, whether they are short-term or long-term, it is integral to look at the barriers. For me, looking at the barriers just gets my down. Kinda depressing but I get it. For me, some of my barriers to writing include time, lack of wanting to get behind my computer after a long day, nice weather outside, opportunity to cuddle with The Man, blah, blah, blah. The list is endless. 

And then there's the final push. You just have to sit down and do it. Like those cookies you have to bake for the bake sale and you remember at 11:00pm. Like letting the dog out in the morning at 5:30am in the bitter cold and dark. Like the oil change or the grocery shopping or the laundry. You just have to do it. And that is why in the next 44 days, my goal is to write 39 posts. I am not sure what they will be about or what they will manifest into, there may be some YouTube Videos sprinkled in as well as some photographs, but it will get done. I will reach this writing goal. Whether I like it or not. 

If you have some ideas for posts, let me know in the comments section of my blog.

Here's to reaching your goals in the last 44 days. 

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Rosaria said...

Holiday posts are always good around this time of year. What about this Christmas bombardment before Thanksgiving? I am tired of it already, although I must say it doesn't seem as bad this year but I have not watched the tube that much either.