Sunday, November 6, 2011

gratefulness notes

I am sitting here in my writing nook, sipping on hot Throat Coat tea and smiling, even though I am feeling a little cruddy. The day has been perfect: an extra hour of sleep, a fabulous yoga class, homemade chicken noodle soup, cooking a last batch of tomato sauce with our last bit of garden tomatoes, and finishing my yummy book while being enveloped with a down throw and my yoga pants and wool socks on my chair. Oh yes...I fit in a 30 minute cat nap too. :)

I am really starting to embrace this idea of gratitude and I am noticing how different I feel emotionally when I am staying in this space of being grateful for people, experiences, and the small stuff. Last week in my afterschool program, we facilitated a conversation about gratitude. The kids had just had an assembly about Veterans day and one of my students talked about what Veterans Day meant for her and her family since her dad is in the Army and had served in Iraq. It was very impressive that a 3rd grader could articulate Veterans day with such pride as well as talk about sacrifice. I was brought to tears.

I am so thankful to be in the space of tiny humans everyday. They teach me so much about life and how to treat others. They also remind me about super small things that I need to be grateful for.

...glue bottles that work soup for snack
...sharpened pencils
...reading a story at the end of a long day
...getting 15 minutes to play outside

When I provide these super small things for them, they light up. They enjoy them. They use them. At those moments, they are the only things that matter. It got me thinking in this 30 days of thanks project, the super small things I am grateful for and I came up with my top 10.

...hugs. anytime, anywhere.
...fresh, clean sheets.
...wool socks. drinks on cold days.
...good food.
...pens and notebooks.
...walks and time outside.
...sleeping in.
...conversations with family who live so far away., relaxation, and rejuvenation.

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