Thursday, November 3, 2011

moving into gratitude

It is hard for me to believe that November is upon us. Last Saturday, I had just picked up my Halloween costume at the Goodwill in Ballard and as I was driving home, I was thinking about how October just flew by in that crazy, superhero kind of way. Like one minute it was there and then the next, it wasn't. Here in the PNW, it is colder, darker, and all I feel like doing is hibernating with endless cups of tea, down comforters, sweat pants, and books and magazines.

October was an interesting month. There were some highs like transitioning my garden to winter, getting out my fleece jackets, making tomato sauce, joining a book club, continuing my Crossfit journey, starting my volunteer opportunity at the Jubilee Women's Center, and getting organized again after a crazy September. There were also some lows like feeling a bit under the weather emotionally, not tapping into my spiritual practices a whole lot, not committing to my writing practice, and feeling a bit out of sorts scheduling wise. Halloween came and went and I felt like October was just a blip.

But instead of beating myself up for it, I have decided to move into the space of gratitude. Since starting my volunteer position at the women's center, every time I leave and drive away, I think about how humbling it is. I come back to this special, sacred place that I have all that I need, right here, right now.

Shannon Kinney-Duh over at Free Spirit Kits is hosting "Thirty Days of Giving Thanks." It is a very cool way to express as much gratitude as possible for all the people/experiences/things that make our life worth living for. I have chosen to participate as I know that moving into the space of gratitude is both uplifting and an amazing act of love.

Giving Thanks Update...

November 1st: Stopped by work on the way home and thanked one of the volunteers I supervise for giving his time to the climbing wall, even when it's freezing out, he walks to the Y and helps youth reach amazing heights on the wall.

November 2nd: Called my parents on my bluetooth while driving home in the rain and thanked them for the awesome skype conference call we had on Sunday. Even though it was super impromptu, it felt like we were all in the living room together.

November 3rd: Expressed my deepest gratitude to three of my students in my after-school program for being outstanding leaders with some younger students during our slimy science class. They lit up.


Shannon said...

Jen! This is so wonderful. I really enjoyed reading about your gratitude and who you chose to thank each day. I'm very happy you are joining me on this month-long journey. I am going to share this blog link on my Facebook page right now! Big hugs to you and be in touch. (I'll be posting give-aways on my blog so be on the lookout.) Happy day.

Rosaria said...

Thank you for being a wonderful daughter and for working so hard to become an independent young woman.