Saturday, November 19, 2011

things I can't live without

Call me materialistic, but sometimes, okay, most of the time, it's super nice to have nice stuff. Perhaps its your wedding ring, that super sweet black dress that you look AMAZING in, or that tattered water bottle you have been carrying around since college. We have our stuff, we like our stuff, and sometimes, our stuff just makes life better. In this month of gratitude, I decided to write a post about things I can't live without. These are things that I am super grateful for because they give me that little boost, smile, and comfort in my everyday life. I decided to spend some time on these things because without them, life would be a little different.

1. My Brain. Yep, my brain. I am grateful for being able to function and think independently, to work at a job I love, to create and have ideas, be able to read, remember, communicate, and have emotion. Most of all, I am grateful that in that space between my ears, I have the power to change the world or if not the world, at least the moment.

2. 8 Hours of Good Zzzzz's. I like to think that I treat my sleep time like gold. And when it is taken away from me or I lose it, I don't do well. I am grateful I can sleep in a warm, cloud like bed and get the rest I need to enjoy the rest of my life. The Man calls me a "Franken-bear" when I don't get enough sleep (visualize Frankenstein and a grizzly bear having a child...that's me).

3. A Hot Cup of Morning Tea. Hot tea in general is the bomb. I love it. We have about a dozen boxes of tea in our pantry and I can drink cups and cups of herbal, decaf tea daily. Especially while writing, reading, and during my commute. The hot liquid touching my lips on a cold, rainy morning....OH YEAH!

4. Cell Phone. Without this magical little device, I couldn't stay in contact with my loved ones on the east coast, my friends in the mountains, and my traveling father. I also can let The Man know when I am running late and also call just to tell him I luv him. Oh yes, and to be able to order Thai on those bad days.

5. Yoga Mat. Enough said.

6. Blank Notebooks & Sharpie Pens. As someone who loves to write, I become giddy at the thought of curling up with a notebook and penning out dreams, goals, lists, and musings.

7. My Pots & Pans. My mom & dad got me a brand new set of pots and pans two years ago and they were the best gift ever. I love whipping up quinoa, quesadillas, kale, pasta, and so much more. Cooking is a fabulous creative expression and over the past couple years, I have made it a personal goal to become a kitchen ninja.

8. Gore-Tex Rain Jacket. Yeah, I live in Seattle. It's nice to stay dry after yoga class or teaching a class of classroom chefs.

9. Earrings. I don't wear a ton of jewelry, simply because it's not my style and it's a pain in the ass when you are working with kids. I do love earrings though. Putting on a pair of earrings after brushing my teeth makes me feel ready to tackle the day with a little sparkle. And taking them off at night symbolizes that I can kick back and relax and settle into relaxation.

10. Camera & Photos. Living so far away from family can be tough. Homesickness is inevitable sometimes. But photos make it all better. Just glancing through some albums or facebook photos can turn that homesickness upside down. And carrying my camera with me to family events and gatherings with people I love make for good memories and stories to share down the road.

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