Saturday, January 14, 2012

the 8 powerful pillars: part 2: Jen Time

As some of you may know, I am embarking into the New Year with the framework of 8 pillars. A few posts ago, I wrote an overview & introduction of my 8 powerful pillars for 2012:

My 8 Powerful Pillars
1. Jen Love (Self Care, ME Time, Personal Check-Ins)
2. Super Goddess (Health & Well-Being)
3. My Tribe (Relationships, Family, Friends, Community)
4. Succulent Spirit (Spiritual Practice, Connecting with the Divine)
5. Amazing Abundance (Financial Health & Security)
6. Blissful Livelihood (Work/Life Balance, Professional Development)
7. Write On! (Writing & Creativity)
8. Sacred Space (Creating Peace & Beauty in Home & Garden)

Since I got back from vacation, I have been playing with some different strategies to incorporate living powerfully in each of the 8 pillars. These first 13 days of 2012, I have been focusing energy into Pillar #1, Jen Time. Obviously, the 8 pillars are a holistic model on living life to the fullest; playing big as we say. 

Here are some results & strategies that I have manifested out of the first pillar:

-Getting to bed by 11:00pm (8+ hours of sleep is my foundation for life.)

-15 minutes of daily personal reflection (journaling, meditation, reading spiritual texts, etc.)
-Planning out my day & 5 MIT's (Most important tasks)
-Being conscious of time on the computer & other time suckers
-Personal check-ins throughout the day: Body, Mind, Emotions, Thoughts
-Started reading & working with "The Way of the Happy Woman," by Sara Avant-Stover
-Engaging in a healthy morning routine (Ayurveda, Running, Meditation, Healthy Breakfasts)
-Time in Nature: Snowshoeing, walks, running.

Pillar #1; Jen Time: Where to go next...
-Daily workouts @ le gym
-More Yoga.
-More breathing & more smiling.
-Getting up earlier for morning time; spending time meditating, doing morning pages, etc.
-More writing in my journal; more writing period.

Great Resources
*Robin Sharma, world renowned author, life coach, and business guru put out an online video about "Winning in the New Year." Love these 8 strategies:

*Action Planning: Plan your work, work your plan!

*For inspiration:


*Where does your time go?

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