Saturday, January 21, 2012

the 8 powerful pillars: part 3: Supergoddess

It's quite timely that I am writing about the 2nd of the 8 pillars in my 8 powerful pillars project, Supergoddess. The Supergoddess Pillar is all about physical health & well-being. This includes everything from exercising, getting fresh air, drinking lots of water, getting the zzzzz's, and nourishing the body with good, dynamic nutrition.

Well, I have been sick for the past week. Yuck! I contracted "the crud," and it has been in my lungs, head, nose, and chest for the past 7 days and it is not fun. Getting sick is the absolute worst. It sucks because I try to do everything I possibly can in order to prevent sickness from taking over: getting sleep, washing my hands, eating my veggies, staying active...but sometimes, it just happens. I hate getting sick because it puts you behind. You feel blah and life is blah. You have no desire to do a damn thing and you feel like your pathetic.

Anyway, I am on the up and up and recovering and getting back into the groove of being a Supergoddess. The reason why Supergoddess is the 2nd of the 8 pillars, is that our body is the foundation of everything else. If we feel like shit, our output is shite. Plain and simple. We can't operate at our highest levels, do our best work, and interact in a kind and compassionate way with the people we love. Example: When I am not getting enough sleep and under a ton of stress and not taking time to sweat out the junk everyday, I turn into what The Man calls "Frankenbear." A hybrid of Frankenstein and a Grizzly Bear. Take a second and think of what you turn into. Go.

In terms of my actions for the month in the pillar of Supergoddess, I have 5 Key Actions that I am implementing:

1. Hit the gym on a regular schedule: Since I got sick, this has been on hold, but I did get a NEW 30# kettlebell for my crossfit workouts, compliments of my brotha. :)

2. Eat a good breakfast. Everyday. Plain and simple. (This prevents Frankenbear from showing up at work).

3. Schedule a massage. Get 1 a month. Plain and simple.

4. Get outside and plan some nature dates. Go hug a tree. Being in nature for me is like going to church for others: when I do it, I feel cleansed.

5. Research and book an appointment with a Naturopath in the area. The last Naturopath I saw was literally a miracle worker and she moved away. :( <---Sad Face. I love the model of Naturopathy and need to get in the groove again.

Some of my Fave Resources for living like a Supergoddess/Supergod:

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