Saturday, January 28, 2012

oh so quiet.

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If you are anything like me, you enjoy those very quiet moments on a Saturday morning. You wake up next to your loved one who is deep in slumberworld and you immediately notice the lack of noise-there is less traffic, the boy next door isn't dribbling his basketball up to the bus stop, your alarm isn't piercing the delicate air, showers aren't turning on quite yet, and the hustle and bustle in the kitchen with fragmented communication about dinner, meetings, and who left dirty dishes in the living room is muted. 

I love these Saturday mornings. I breathe in the air as I walk on the deck to let the dog out to do her business. I feel the frigid cold wood under my feet and I smile. I smile because I ran the race and finished strong. The past week has been wrapped up nicely, a bow has been tied, and it has been shipped off to the land of the past. 

Growing up, Saturdays weren't necessarily the respite. I usually had basketball games on Friday night and I slept long and hard, woke up to my dad making omelets & hot chocolate, and usually went to my part-time job down at OfficeMax. Oh those were the days. Now, if you were to grab my planner, you will see white space on my Saturdays and Sundays. These are my sacred days; time with the man, the dog, the house, the puttering around, the phone calls to family, the cooking and baking, and the relaxation. And the writing. 

Saturday nights are typically "bliss nights," an early evening yoga class, a movie date in with myself and a simple dinner, then a cup of tea, and writing and reading, and bedtime. I laugh as I write this as I think about my college days when I used to be out until the wee hours of the morning, spending Sunday in sweats, drinking hot tea and dreading the fact that I would have to start my classwork at some point before Monday. I considered myself hardcore and would laugh at the folks taking the other route of relaxing, staying in, and just being content by themselves. Well, now the tables have in fact turned...for the better. 

I enjoy the quiet. I enjoy the space. I enjoy creating my own haven of relaxation. Is it hardcore? No. Is it anything special? No. Do I look forward to it every week and smile when I come home from yoga, draw the blinds, and cuddle up for the evening? Oh yes, oh yes I most certainly do.

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