Saturday, January 28, 2012

on family

This morning, I Skyped with my almost 90 year old Italian Grandmother. It was magical. It brought tears to my eyes as it always does. There is something to be said about technology connecting people near and far. My homesickness comes in waves as it always has since I left home in 2003 to attend college in Colorado. My visits home were and still are infrequent, but staples to get me through the semesters, the summers, the vacation from work. I like to say and firmly believe that family is the superglue of life. They are your cheerleaders. Your mentors. Your teachers. Your mechanics. Your chick flick watching date. Your pizza go getter. Your cookie maker. Your chef. Your laundromat. Your chaffeur. We are these things to our own families too. We fill roles as they need filled. When it comes to family, nothing else matters. I look forward to my commutes as I put on my bluetooth and make a call to the East Coast. The voice of family combats the grey, rainy Seattle skies. 
It is these small moments of having my almost 90 year old grandmother Skype with me, which feels like we are sitting across from each other that make me stop, smile, pause, and appreciate the here and now.

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KNason said...

So true! I enjoy your blogs. Very uplifting! : )