Thursday, January 19, 2012

snowy wisdom

Day 2 of snowmaggedon here in Seattle. I am at home in comfy clothes, plugging away at some work I took home to keep me busy. I carved out 15 minutes this morning for a much needed meditation. Usually after I meditate, I read a passage from a book that Tricycle magazine published called : Everyday Wisdom: 366 Reflections on the Buddhist Path. Basically a passage for everyday of the year to contemplate.

Today, the passage is from one of my favorite buddhist practitioners, Pema Chodron and it hit home for me personally.

"The river flows rapidly down the mountain, and then all of a sudden it gets blocked with big boulders and a lot of trees. The water can't go any farther, even though it has tremendous force and forward energy. It just gets blocked there. That's what happens with us, too; we get blocked like that. Letting go at the end of the out-breath, letting the thoughts go, is like moving one of those boulders away so hat the water can keep flowing, so that our energy and our life force can keep evolving and going forward. We don't, out of fear of the unknown, have to put up these blocks, these dams, that basically say no to life and to feeling life."

Use this moment to breathe out and move the blocks to keep you from living your most powerful, present life.

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