Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Night Dance Party

It's Snowmageddon here in Seattle. Got to leave work early today. No school tomorrow. No volunteering. Maybe work from home, maybe walk to the library, hit up a yoga class. The beauty of working with tiny humans is that sometimes the snow gods and snow goddesses come and bless you with a magical day off here and there. It's rare, but it happens.

My neck and shoulders are creaky. Too much time at the computer getting stuff done like: reorganizing all my files on my external hard drive, writing curriculum for my afterschool program, and catching up on e-mail. And I have a cold. But I am listening to the Juno soundtrack which I love oh so much. And mindlessly surfing the web, jumping on the Facespace, and having mini-dance parties in the living room to Depeche Mode. Yep. Tuesday night dance party. Go celebrate something awesome like the snow.

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Anonymous said...

Another great post encouraging us to celebrate the little things in life! Love you Jen! -Abby