Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the 8 powerful pillars: part 5: My Tribe

Relationships are our best teachers. Every spiritual text will tell you that. It is beyond true, it is profoundly relevant to how we live our lives. We notice immediately when we don't nourish our relationships. The results are transparent and we feel like crap. I think it's quite easy to think of our relationships in terms of compartments: friends, family, our significant other, people we work with, our extended family, our college friends, the people we met when we traveled, etc. I am going out on a limb here to say that relationships don't function in compartments. Our relationships are holistic, meaning that they have and always will crossover.

In my 8 powerful pillars project, relationships fall in the 4th pillar. Relationships are essential to one's own success, no matter how driven one may be individually. Our tribe lifts us up when we are down, cheers us on when we race, and gives us hope, hugs, and hospitality. Nurture the relationships. Mend the fences.

Some of my actions in this pillar fall under one umbrella: staying connected despite the circumstances.
This is all about the little actions that add up:
-Skype a long distance relative.
-Call my parents when I get the chance.
-Text my brother to simply say hi.
-Talk to my friends regularly.
-Schedule time to hangout with good people.
-Maintain a date night once a week.
-Write and send birthday cards & thank you notes.
-Really enjoy time with family & friends.

It all sounds so simple but small bits of effort = lots and lots of joy. Nurturing relationships is a win-win for everyone.

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