Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012: Month In Review

Groundhog Day is upon us. In a few hours, we will know if spring is coming soon or if we should stay in and hibernate. I laugh when I think of the movie, Groundhog Day. Bill Murray living life day in and day out, not a thing changing. Hmmm. Does this sound familiar?
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I though about doing a month in review post. A good way to expand my writing and start articulating what I have been accomplishing, more specifically, in regards to the 8 pillars project.

-Got back from my vacation refreshed and ready to attack the new year with Alignment & Letting Go.
-Started going to bed earlier and clocking more hours on the pillow. It has been making a huge difference, especially when I was sick. 
-Ate breakfast every day. This also makes a huge difference.
-Started my morning meditation practice. 10 minutes. It's hard, but when I get on my butt and do it, I notice a huge difference.
-Started being intentional and conscious of my technology use, especially when I come home from work.
-Battled a 2 week head/chest cold.
-Snowshoeing adventure!
-Survived snowmageddon...the surprise week off was a blessing in disguise. 
-One of my huge themes for January was Getting and staying organized with everything from my calendar, monthly goals, paperwork, finances, etc. to getting some new storage solutions for our bathroom and my closet. Clothes and shower goodies all set to go! 
- Presented my grandmother with her legacy book via Skype. Huge success.
-The Man and I started doing yoga together again. 
-Hosted The Man's mum for dinner: homemade gnocchi, italian salad, and amaretto dessert.
-Date nights to some great Seattle spots: The Santa Fe Cafe & Post Restaurant in Pike Place
-Saw some fabulous movies: Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, Larry Crowne, The King's Speech, Crazy, Stupid Love, and Dexter Season 5.
-Reading lots & writing more. 
-Keeping my kitchen clean.
-Spending time with friends.

So much to celebrate and what a way to kickoff the new year. I am excited to keep the momentum going in February. More on my February goals in my next post. :)

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