Friday, February 24, 2012

Losing the Groove...and Getting it back...slowly

If I had a theme chosen for February, at the beginning of the month, I would have said love. Now, coming up on the last few days of the shortest month of the year, my word has changed to Finish. Please god, let the month of February be over. I am done with it all. It was a month of too much. Too much of everything, especially the stress. I am sitting here in silence in my writing nook. It is beautiful. I just took a hot shower after a fantastic jaunt to the gym and I am cozy in my sweater wrap and Patagonia sweat pants. Sweetness.

But let me be clear-this is one of a few moments of sweetness I have had all month. I literally have lost my groove. I was doing so well. I was sleeping, taking care of myself, the month of January rocked. And then like a roller coaster at Six Flags, I plummeted. I stopped the practices that nourish me, simply because I wasn't taking the time for what mattered. The meditation, the yoga, the quiet walks with the dog, the time to cook healthy meals. The month felt more like an old war movie, where the audience looks at one another and mouths, "Is it over yet?" 

So I have been contemplating how I can get my groove back. For starters, just simply stopping in the tracks and evaluating what's working/what's not working can do wonders. Then, adjust, align, and take action. That's it. If you were to think of embarking on a road trip and taking a wrong turn, we simply pull over, look at the map, adjust our bearings, and keep on driving.

I only had this revelation when I came home tonight. Nothing crazy. Nothing esoteric. Just adjust, align, and take action.

Looking forward to the last few days of alignment. 

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