Thursday, February 16, 2012

the love post: 100 ways to show you and your world some luv...right now

Hopefully love is still lingering in the air for you and your tribe. Valentine's Day is one of those holidays where if nothing else, we get to renew our commitment to loving ourselves and those who are close to us. I have been thinking a lot about acting within the context that it's more about the small things than the gradiose acts of romance. The Man brought up a great analogy this week to me, since I have been feeling a little depleted. "Jen, it's all about the piggy bank. Add a little everyday, and before you know it, you have lots." 

As a little love prezzy from me to readers, here are 100 of my favorite ways to bring some love into the world, no matter how grey or rainy it is. :)

1. Be gentle with yourself.

2. Go to the bathroom when you have to.

3. Get massages. Regularly.

4. Be silent for at least 15 minutes a day.

5. Take longer showers.

6. Buy the nice shower gel.

7. Always ask for pampering at Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and surprises.

8. Let yourself be hugged.

9. Ask for help.

10. Buy nice pens to write with.

11. Keep your desk clean.

12. Do the dishes before you go to bed.

13. Enjoy a hot drink in the mornings.

14. Enjoy a hot cuppa tea before bed.

15. Take that yoga class.

16. Go for that walk.

17. Light a candle or some incense.

18. Know the difference between venting and bitching.

19. Have at least 1 frozen pizza in your freezer for emergencies.

20. Own a dog. Or a cat.

21. Peruse your library.

22. Have that go to pair of sweats.

23. Sweat. Learn to like exercise.

24. Display family photos.

25. Call your mother.

26. Call your father.

27. Call your grandparents.

28. Skype with out of towners.

29. Travel when you get the chance.

30. Cry at weddings.

31. Just cry.

32. Laugh.

33. Enjoy a pastry from your favorite coffee shop.

34. Make a to do list. Give yourself gold stars.

35. Eat good chocolate.

36. Cook for yourself.

37. Hangout with children. Let them teach you.

38. Volunteer. Give back to your community.

39. Smile at the homeless.

40. Write out a birthday card.

41. Read every night.

42. Start a journal.

43. Bake a batch of cookies.

44. Make breakfast for your lover.

45. Watch Saturday Night Live.

46. Sleep in.

47. Take naps.

48. Blow bubbles.

49. Walk on the beach.

50. Find something to do that makes you breathe hard.

51. Have sex. Have more of it. It’s good for you.

52. Floss your teeth.

53. Escape.

54. Call in sick when you are sick.

55. Bring a plant into your office.

56. Keep snacks in your desk drawer.

57. Guzzle water.

58. Take a lunch break.

59. Stretch.

60. Thank the receptionist.

61. Give yourself a commute buffer.

62. Be on time.

63. Be prepared.

64. Limit your use of technology.

65. Turn off your phone.

66. Fess up and say sorry.

67. See it, Own it.

68. Find quotes you love. Hang them up.

69. Make a vision board.

70. Make time for creativity.

71. Meditate.

72. Do yoga. Even when you don’t feel like it.

73. Listen to music.

74. Make date night a priority.

75. Fail. Make mistakes. It builds character.

76. Stare into the eyes of someone you love.

77. Check your posture.

78. Check your ego.

79. Let your guard down.

80. Be vulnerable.

81. Take time on the weekends to clean your house.

82. Eat dinner at the table, especially on Mondays.

83. Set goals.

84. Create a breakthrough in your career.

85. Take risks.

86. Be the bigger person.

87. Don’t be afraid of innovation.

88. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

89. Be in control of your finances.

90. Take time to put yourself together.

91. Have stamps on hand.

92. Have an updated address book.

93. Make the bed.

94. Have a handle on your calendar.

95. Say yes more.

96. Say no more.

97. Give compliments.

98. Be sincere.

99. Embrace authenticity.

100. Know that love is the glue that holds together everything in the world.


Sam said...

ohh I do so many of these things! Great post :)

Rosaria said...

Seriously, you had time to list 100????
I will try to do some of the ones I don't already, which is probably about 99...just kidding.

Melina said...

I LOVE THESE. Especially the ones about sex and stamps! ;)