Sunday, April 29, 2012

don't forget the small things

Since the dust has settled around my crazy whirlwind tour in the space of transition, I am enjoying small things. Small pleasures are what makes up our lives. Yes, the vacations, the engagements, the weddings, the funerals, the monumental achievements do have a big impact and I am not saying to ignore the amazing happiness or sadness that surrounds those events, but for the most part, the small bits of joy in the everyday that bring smiles to our faces make life worth living. My brother once made a comment to me on the phone that has stuck with me: "Jen, life always can't always be "knock your socks off" life." He was so right in saying that.

I have been enjoying reading Alexandra Stoddards book, "Choosing Happiness: Keys to a Joyful Life." It's a great book and I have been reading it on my lunch breaks. It's a fabulous pick me up and reminds me about those small things that are right in front of us each and everyday. So, my personal challenge this weekend was noticing and enjoying small things and here were my insights & experiences from the weekend.

-Sweet smelling shower gel
-A hot cup of coffee while standing outside in the chilly, sunny morning
-Lunch with a friend
-Fresh veggies in my meals
-Long conversations with my parents who live far away.
-A walk down at the Marina
-Breakfast date with the man
-Browsing the local library and picking up CD's to listen to in my home.
-Curling up for a good movie
-Cooking a delicious meal accompanied with wine & french bread.
-Smiling at strangers
-Starting up conversations with strangers (commented on an old school Muppets Lunchbox a grocery store employee was carrying out on her way home from work)
-Making order amidst the chaos
-Clean dishes and a shining sink

One of the things about enjoying the small pleasures is that we must remain mindful and present to notice these things. When we move at a pace that is super duper speedy, we fail to enjoy the moments that can bring us the most joy.

What small things are you enjoying this weekend?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

settling in after transition

Wow. It's been way too long. Yet, I am at peace with my choice of not writing for almost 2 months. What have I been up to? Well, where do I start...

1. New Job. I left the YMCA at the end of March and started a new position at Washington C.A.S.H. (Community Alliance for Self-Help). They specialize in providing aspiring entrepreneurs the resources, technology, and training they need as well as micro-capital to start and run small businesses. I am in love with my new job and the past 3 weeks have been a whirlwind of learning the ins and outs of my new position as their Volunteer Coordinator & Office Manager. I'm in luv.

2. Grief. My grandma passed away at the end of April. This was another area where I experienced turbulent emotions, yet remained at peace, knowing I was able to say my goodbyes when I visited her at the beginning of March for her 90th brithday.

3. Fresh starts & new beginnings. In my life, with my health, with my finances, and my relationship. I have been spending a lot of time doing the real work around my personal life-getting things into balance, living with unmatched integrity, and just doing the things that nourish me . I am getting outside in my garden again, doing spring cleaning, organizing important documents, and taking care of me.

4. Beauty & Gratefulness in the everyday. I am so incredibly grateful for everything I wake up to everyday. I smile while I drive to work and think about how the universe presents gift after gift of beauty and abundance. I have amazing people in my life, a great job, access to a beautiful city, delicious food, and ways to express my individuality and creativity. Life can't get much better.

I plan on getting back into the blogopsphere on a regular basis. I feel that the dust has settled and things are on track and quieter. Have a beautiful weekend.