Saturday, May 12, 2012


May is my favorite month. Not only is it my birthday month, but there is something about what it feels like outside this time of year that makes me smile. Things are fresh. Clean. Open. New. Green. My garden is rich with life. The herbs smell delicious. The mint is overflowing in it's pot. Tulips open wide like a yogini in a backbend. Bugs crawl all over the stump. The lilacs takeover your olfactory sense. Painted toes come out from hiding in clogs and boots and become sun kissed. I feel more romantic. Easygoing. Light.

May hits us and we realize that we are 1/3 of the way through the year. It's a great time to reflect on the 1st quarter and evaluate what intentions have come to fruition. I recently did my own quarterly review. It was my first time ever reviewing intentions/resolutions/goals/etc. I have been really intentional with my 8 Pillars Project; creating targeted intentions and goals around 8 key areas: self-care, spiritual connection, relationships, livelihood, health & wellness, finances, home & garden, and creativity. This project has been so great for me simply because I am always in action within the areas. It's easy to create manageable tasks that are small and realistic, yet they yield such amazing results.

A Few 1st Quarter Accomplishments:
-I am being fiercely protective of me. 
-I am getting more sleep, creating more time for journaling and silent reflection, establishing healthy boundaries around where I put my energy, and writing down my dreams. 
-I created my 12 Happiness Commandments as recommended by Gretchen Rubin over at The Happiness Project. I have also been implementing this practice of being gentle with myself. 
-I have been connecting more internally with myself and externally with the people in my life. Grieving the loss of my grandmother, coming up on a year since my grandfather passed away, scheduling more time with women, and long conversations with my mom. Also, just being external with how I feel. 
-More adventures & weekending.
-New job. 
-More writing.
-Less stress.
-Financial Health in my personal life. 
-Improved communication with The Man.
-Breathing, reading, and stretching. Ahhhhhh!

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