Saturday, May 19, 2012

the seattle plague

Being sick is one of those things that you work so hard to prevent. Inevitably, life catches up with you and a germ creeps in. And then, BOOM! You feel as though your bench pressing your head and it weighs 300 pounds, you are going through Kleenex like it's going out of style, and you surround yourself with so many mugs of tea, cough drop wrappers, and cans of chicken soup. Every pair of sweatpants is strewn below the dresser and movies become stacked on the coffee table like a game of Jenga. Yep. It happens and sickness has taken over our house.

As I write this, The Man and I are both on the upswing but it was brutal there for a bit. This week revolved around hot chicken Pho, a Vietnamese noodle & broth soup, lots of liquids, and couch time. Needless to say, I am doing much better and feeling productive today.

I have mentioned this in previous posts, but getting sick teaches us to slow down and be gentle with ourselves and others. It sucks, yes, but our bodies are so wise. Get more rest, don't push so hard, get outside more, etc., etc. I use to beat myself up for getting sick, but now, I ride the wave and know it is temporary. Being sick gives us insight into what's not working or what may need adjusted. It might mean getting an extra hour of sleep instead of watching another episode of Six Feet Under or building the immunity through green drinks instead of cappuccinos.

Either way, listening to the body is one area that I take very seriously. After going through some BIG stuff in college in terms of my health, I know better than to push boundaries of self-sacrifice and self-destructive behavior. I also know that it's okay to say no and to push back a little bit so my energy is conserved for the right things. It brings up this idea of being selfish. Our society constantly tells us to put others first, take care of everyone else, do unto others. Well, that ship has sailed and we must reclaim our energy and wellness and take it very seriously. Life is so precious. Our relationships count on us being present and engaged. We are out doing these amazing things on the planet and when we are stuck in bed nursing a cold and flu, we gotta take a time out which is a super bummer.

I am heading into my birthday week and I want to shine and celebrate. I want to be well. It must start with me.

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