Monday, June 18, 2012

a case of the mondays

Happy Monday! Well, Monday is pretty much over but I thought I would jump on the bloggy blog and stream some thoughts on Mondays. Yep. Mondays. I love the clip from Office Space. A case of the Mondays? What? It happens to all of us at some point or another. We actually start feeling the pull of Monday when we wake up on Sunday mornings. Then we continuously look at our clocks throughout the day anticipating and being anxious for that Monday morning alarm. The weekend seems to be way too short, we can't stay in the present, and before you know it, you're stuck in traffic with your travel mug of coffee listening to NPR thinking about the to do list you either left for yourself on Friday or feeling shortness of breath when thinking of a full inbox. Yikes! What's a human to do?

1. Breathe! Deeply friend....Take a few minutes and just breathe. It sounds so corny and unfortunately it's what every doctor speaking on PBS right now tells us to do. Seems to be the solution for weight loss, depression, diabetes, anxiety, ADD, you name it. I really like this exercise: Sit comfortably or stand or lie on your back. Inhale through your nose, count to 4, pause for a count of 4 on top of the inhale and exhale for a count of 4. 3 cycles of that will get your system aligned. Believe me.

2. Adopt a Tradition. Not all traditions are bad. Growing up, Sunday dinner usually involved pasta and sauce and Italian food. I have friends who have taken up "Meatless Mondays," The Man and I term Sundays as "sacred," meaning we try not to work ourselves into the ground with errands and chores. Visit a farmers market, hit up a Sunday Happy Hour, or decide that you will have a taco night on Mondays. Whatever it is, it's something to look forward to and you can still be flexible.

3. Know that there will always be a to do list. I am starting to hate time management books. I used to be all about efficiency and I still am very much so, but there comes a point when you just gotta surrender to what is and what isn't realistic. Try to plan your 5 MIT's (Most Important Tasks) during your morning. I have a great notebook that I use when I get into work and I look forward to penning my MIT's while sipping my hot drink.

4. All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl. Tap back into your passion, especially after work. The Man has a great saying, "Create a life worth living," and we try to live that each and every day. Granted, when we have to pick up dog poo and take out the yard waste, it may not fall under the "create a life worth living," but working in our garden together and sitting on our deck drinking a beer is. It's all about your choices people.

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